Nikita’s Death in the Tambov-Moscow Train Carriage

Nikita’s Death in the Tambov-Moscow Train Carriage
Why does the mysterious death of Nikita Isayev, the Kremlin-affiliated person, make us look askance on the administration of the Tambov Governorate? Might a visit to three restaurants in Tambov that have the same owners cause the sudden heart problems in a young man who had been leading a healthy lifestyle?

Nikita Isayev, who died suddenly overnight to November 16, 2019, in the Tambov-Moscow train, was quite an eccentric person. However, he found a place for himself in the system of Russia’s internal policy. With his peculiar manner of communication and irrepressible energy, he turned into a single-person project of obstructing publicly a number of regional governors. Although Isayev formally acted as the leader of the Young Russia social and political movement and supported his image of an oppositionist, it was an open secret in the backstage political milieus that in many cases he carried out certain delicate tasks of the presidential administration. At the same time, his actions and comments offered grounds for interpreting the Kremlin's stance on some heads of Russia's constituent territories.

Beyond any doubt, Nikita Isayev has regularly done work clearly aimed at the election cycle of 2020-2021. Recently, he persistently toured the regions and got involved deliberately in the most scandalous conflicts where the local protest sentiments were beginning to swell. Unfortunately, it was the Tambov region that became the last stop in the short but brave odyssey of the young politician.

Any trip of a high-status Moscow political figure has not only a prearranged plan but also a background. In our opinion, the most important moment of the Tambov tragedy could be an attempt of Alexander Nikitin, the current regional governor, to arrange the terms for participation in next year's election campaign with the Presidential administration. They say that Nikitin even decided to offer a generous payment for the services of any political consultant recommended by the administration. But the latter did not recommend anyone. On the contrary, they told him to refrain from making haste. And just a few days later, the governor of Tambov found out that Nikita Isayev had arrived to the region. According to sources close to the regional administration, Nikitin's voice started trembling after the news of the Moscow visitor. The guest had come not only for turning the spotlight on the regional problems, but also with a certain electoral aim. In fact, Isayev publicly supported a very promising candidate for the governor's office, namely, the agrarian Sergei Kolesnikov, who like the incumbent governor was a native of the town of Michurinsk and could be nominated by the Motherland-National Patriotic Union (Rodina party). At the same time, it should be taken into account that firstly, Rodina has its representatives in Tambov’s legislative assembly, and secondly, it enjoys a significant voter support, as its regional branch is led by Maxim Kosenkov, the former mayor of Tambov, who is very popular among residents.

Previously, Nikita Isayev often passed discouraging remareks on Alexander Nikitin -- he spoke about corruption, the failed priority tasks and the increasing discontent of Tambov’s residents. “I believe that Alexander Nikitin's position is very shaky, and he will be lucky only if he is forgotten,” Isayev said.

Isayev's itinerary in the Tambov region envisioned visits to several “trouble spots” that are for the governor.

Isayev made an emblematic trip to the Michurinsk enterprise of the potential candidate for governor, Sergey Kolesnikov, and to the township of Dmitriyevka, where an unorganized garbage dump, which emerged during Nikitin’s term of office almost made life in the locality extinct. Another remarkable event was a meeting with Tambov’s defrauded homebuyers. The matter is that unfinished construction projects are a sensitive point for Governor Nikitin who, according to local observers, has been persistently misinforming the presidential plenipotentiary representative the Central Federal District on the issue, as his reports cover only about a quarter of the objects abandoned by developers. The other two thirds are simply not taken into account by official agencies, as their defrauded tenants are look year after year at their gaping windows. Mikhail Shubin, the former head of the Tambov agency for mortgage loans and a deputy of the legislative assembly, who was arrested recently for abuse of office, has been apparently involved in this prosaic concealment.

There is one curious coincidence. According to the political scientist Marat Basharov, Nikita Isayev had been taken three times to the outlets of the same restaurant chain during his fatal trip. He had lunch in the Marfa restaurant, then met with the activists in the outlet called Galereya, and went to the dinner in the restaurant Dacha right before getting on the train. Alexander Polyakov, a deputy of the State Duma, has a share in this business. He is considered to be Nikitin’s “privy purse.” There are some questions requiring intense consideration, namely, who had arranged this choice of restaurants, as well as why Nikitin’s first deputy Oleg Ivanov had been so fussy about Isayev's arrival and had called around everyone involved in the region’s political life in one way or another.

Criminal history knows a lot of cases when poisoning looked like a heart attack. Such “coincidences” with the absence of chemicals in the body of a victim were often attributed to the late Boris Berezovsky. Of course, special technologies to eliminate undesirable things are not available to everyone. Only extremely influential people may enjoy access to them. According to sources, the words of Isaev's assistant were “everything ended very quickly.” Apparently, Nikita Isaev died in the Tambov region as soon as the train had left the Michurinsk platform. That is, an unexpected attack quickly led to the death of a young man in a good shape shortly after the dinner at the restaurant associated with the people of Nikitin.