In the governing party «everyone for himself»

In the governing party «everyone for himself»


The wife and father of Deputy Minister of Defense Timur Ivanov are on the verge of bankruptcy, they owed Mishustin more than 3 million rubles, and that hasn’t prevented the adopted daughter of one of the most senior Russian military figures to go on vacation to one of the NATO countries.

Shoigu’s Deputy, Timur Ivanov, is not a poor person. He officially earns 13 million rubles a year. But this, perhaps, is just a drop in the ocean of his fortune. His family owns an estate for 600 million rubles on Rublevka highway, a two-level apartment on Ostozhenka street bought after his second marriage. He presented an Aston Martin car to his spouse on her birthday or a concert of popular Russian stars at the Imperial Yacht Club, where a couple with guests celebrated the general’s spouse recent 45th birthday.

This fortune has its own history, but, as is customary with officials, it is easily explained by the fact that Timur Ivanov was engaged in business before joining the military service. The fact that the fortune of the curator of military construction sites has not decreased over the years, is usually explained by the competent money management. Moreover, his wife, Tatler’s permanent heroine Svetlana Zakharova (still known by the name of her first husband, Maniovich), and his father Vadim Ivanov are still engaged in the business.

It has been noted that Maniovich is one of the few owners of boutiques who has a specialized financial education. She is reported to start her business career as a 20-year-old student of the World Economy Faculty of the Financial Academy, when she became a founding director at H.G.S., a leader in the printing market of that time.

Later, in the second half of the 90s, as Svetlana told reporters in 2010, she opened her boutique in the Metropol hotel with the help of a friend. The friend’s name was Anton Malevsky and he was known as a criminal authority, a multimillionaire, and since the late 1980s, the leader of the Izmailovsky organized crime group.

However, Svetlana Zakharova can be hardly considered a successful business woman. Her current joint business with her father-in-law is breathing its last.

Zakharova and Vadim Ivanov own the Crystal Development company, which is engaged in the technologies of the growth of ultra-large sapphire single crystals used for LED lamps.

As follows from the file of arbitration cases, the Federal Tax Service of Russia appealed to the court with a demand to recognize Crystal Development LLC bankrupt. But the case was never pursued, since the application did not include any information about the property of the debtor, due to which the costs of the bankruptcy case could be covered. Well, in other words, production seems to exist, but there is no property at all.

Relatives of Shoigu’s Deputy owed 3.2 million rubles to the tax department, which was led by current Prime Minister Mishustin. According to the Federal Tax Service, the Ivanov family company does not transfer contributions to the Pension Fund (1.5 million), personal income tax (900 thousand rubles), VAT (88 thousand rubles), etc. The Federal Bailiff Service has 29 enforcement proceedings in relation to Crystal Development. And all of them were completed on the basis that "it is impossible to establish the whereabouts of the debtor."

Bailiffs should learn from journalists involved in secular news and gossip, or they could just look at Instagram the co-owner of the company, Svetlana Zakharova-Maniovich. It turns out she is not hiding from anyone and has a great time at the five-star Old House Resort & Spa, goes to social events and takes boat rides.

"Do not wear anything heavier than the crown!" - she gives instruction to her subscribers under one of the photos.

While Svetlana had for some reason decided to relax in her native homeland, her daughter and Ivanov’s stepdaughter, Alexandra, has not changed their life-long habits and now she is on vacation in France. Alexandra Maniovich hasn’t added any geotags to her photographs, but we managed to identify one of the buildings in her photos. This is a former À la coquille d'or restaurant in Paris.

It is worth noting that in a situation where significant restrictions are placed on the Russian military and their families in terms of choosing vacation spots, the families of Russian military commanders attract special attention as they lead the way not only to the army, but to the significant part of society as well.

But, by the way, what to expect from families of subordinates, if, for example, the youngest daughter of the Minister of Defense Ksenia Shoigu, who oversees the national patriotic project "Race of Heroes", is reported to spend winter holidays in foreign resorts, and the eldest Larisa Shoigu ignores the State Duma vote for the forthcoming constitutional changes.

Moreover, in "United Russia" political party, which Larisa Shoigu represents, the absence of a representative of the Shoigu family even seems to be a kind of an achievement: "Deputies Delimkhanov, Reznik, Shoigu and Igoshin have been registered at the meeting, but at the time of voting they could be distracted or there could be failures in the system. And this testifies to the fact that in the United Russia faction, each deputy votes only for himself, as "Vedomosti” quotes their interlocutor from the United Russia faction.

It is noteworthy that in the vote for constitutional amendments in all opposition factions there were not as many distracted as in the governing party. And one of the deputies who did not vote turned out to be the daughter of Minister Shoigu, the closest president’s ally.

And can we talk about the success of the reforms announced by Vladimir Putin in the political and economic life of the country, about the growth of population incomes and social support for low-income citizens, if some families in the immediate circle of the president save on social taxes, while others simply ignore his initiatives?