Are Deripaska and Yakunin Jr. Laundering Money Abroad?

Are Deripaska and Yakunin Jr. Laundering Money Abroad?
How hard the plight of a Russian oligarch is! Not only do they have to think about enlarging their capitals. They also have to care about their image abroad that has been tainted.

Several influential Russians were accused of money laundering in the UK and tried to hold the British media accountable for damaging their reputation. The anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International has released a report that contains information on the oligarch Oleg Deripaska and the sons of Vladimir Yakunin, the former president of Russian Railways (RZD) state railway corporation.

According to Forbes, public activists have analyzed more than 400 cases of corruption and money laundering, which involved UK-registered companies. The total amount of funds received as a result of these illegal operations reaches GBP 325 billion.

Those who may be associated with corruption but have not been prosecuted on corruption charges often seek to resolve disputes in the UK courts. Thus if they win, they can legalize their status, Transparency International indicated.

Examples include the story of legal fight led by Andrei Yakunin, the son of the former head of the RZD chief Vladimir Yakunin, against British media. He managed to force a number of publications to remove data on his elitist real estate and connections with “corrupt regimes”.

Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska used British justice in his dispute with Vladimir Chernukhin, the former head of Vnesheconombank (however, as a result the High Court of London took the side of Deripaska's opponent).

Meanwhile, the life of influential Russians in the UK has become more complicated recently.

Thus, last year new rules were introduced. According to them, foreigners who buy high-end properties in London, are obliged to provide British authorities with the information on where their impressive monies come from. In addition, a year and a half ago the British authorities did not prolong the visa to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.