Kiev Might Stage Strikes on Facilities in Russia

Kiev has enough political will to launch strikes on targets located on Russian territory, said the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexei Danilov, as reported by RBC.

Don't Covet Another Man's pie

Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the UN signed agreements in Istanbul on the export of agricultural products and Russian fertilizers from ports on the Black Sea. Ukrainian media have already published the text of the agreement between Ukraine, Turkey and the UN.

Russian-Iranian-Turkish Convergence in Syria

The day before, the negotiations between the presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran, Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ibrahim Raisi ended in Tehran.

Russian UAVs in sky of Ukraine

Russian troops used a strike unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which is part of the Lastochka complex, in the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine. According to media reports citing sources in the security services, the drones struck nationalists and destroyed several armored vehicles.

Europe Might Stop Issuing Schengen Visas to Russians

The Russian Foreign Ministry assumes that the actions of the West do not rule out a scenario in which Russian citizens would stop receiving Schengen visas.

Why Grain Deal is Causing Stir and What Russia Stands to Gain From Unblocking Ukrainian Ports

The so called grain deal is the main intrigue of this week. Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the UN may agree to unblock grain exports from Ukrainian ports, as reported by Reuters. “We're hurrying as fast as we can.” The source asked not to be identified.

BRICS is Conquering World

Purnima Anand, President of the International Forum of the BRICS, informed about the possible accession of Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to the BRICS. In fact, these countries are already in the process of joining the coalition, she said.

Why Boris Johnson is Ratted out by his Fellow Party Members and What to Expect From his Successor

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace is no longer a contender for the post of prime minister. So far, Boris Johnson has been able to get away with the so called "Partygate" scandals at the height of the lockdown, as well as bribery.

Agonizing Ukronazis Attack Novaya Kakhovka With HIMARS

On the night of July 12, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked Novaya Kakhovka, located in the Kherson Region and controlled by the Russian Armed Forces, with missiles from the U.S. HIMARS system. This barbaric shelling resulted in casualties and destruction.

NATO Members Declare a “Crusade” Against Russia and China

At the NATO summit in Madrid on June 28-30, NATO members declared Russia the main threat, invited Sweden and Finland to join the alliance, and accused China and Russia that their cooperation runs counter to the interests of the alliance members.

Why Capture of Severodonetsk is so Important and What to Expect from Storming of Lisichansk

We wanted the best, but it turned out to be a bloody Club of the Funny and Inventive. The surrender of Severodonetsk led to serious tension between President Zelensky's office and the AFU command. The last Ukrainian soldiers escaped from Severodonetsk by swimming across the Seversky Donets River to the other side, to Lysychansk.

What Might Blockade of Spitsbergen Lead to?

The Norwegian government has refused to allow cargo from Russia into the Spitsbergen archipelago, where, among others, Russian citizens live and work. There are already 20 tonnes of various cargoes, including food, as well as spare parts for ships and cars at the Storskog border crossing station.

New Weapons Sending Ukrainian UAVs Into Tailspin

On June 6, the Russian Air Force destroyed American HIMARS multiple-launch rocket systems in the DPR during the ongoing special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces to liberate Ukraine from the Nazis.

Who Wears Pants in Amur Region?

Russians have somewhat clouded relationship with charity. The country took an honorable place in the second hundred countries in the international ratings of readiness to help their neighbors in the 2010s.

DDOS-Attacks Delays Putin's Speech at SPIEF

The XXV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which started off the day before, continues its work in the Northern capital of Russia. According to the schedule, speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin is to take place at 2 p.m. on the platform of SPIEF, but it was postponed to 3 p.m. because of cyber attacks on the base of accreditation of the forum.