State Duma Deputy Predicts “Serious Political Events” in Russia

“Discontent [among the ordinary Russians] has been growing for a long time: it has intensified since the pension reform was adopted in Russia. When the government steamrolled this completely irrelevant initiative, people began to realize that everything is not so good in our country,” said Denis Parfenov.

Analyst Says Sobyanin Seems to be Slowly "Taking Over" Power

In a recent interview, popular economist Dmitry Potapenko said that Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin had begun to “take on” too much power. It is less and less clear what sphere he is more interested in -- introducing new laws, controlling and strengthening his executive office, or supervising healthcare somehow.

Military Historian Evgeny Ponasenkov Predicts Important Political Events in Russia

He said he predicted last year that important events would take place in 2020. However, the coronavirus infection has intervened slightly adjusting the plans of the government.

Expert Economist Says Political Structure of Russia is Likely to be Destroyed

Earlier, Abbas Galyamov, a well-known political analyst, suggested that Vladimir Putin should provide additional financial assistance to the Russians.

Political Analyst Tells About Lukashenko's Rude Remark in Conversation with Putin Shortly Before Victory Day

He said that during the phone call with Vladimir Putin in response to his advice how to fight COVID-19, the President of Belarus started to ask for economic assistance. After receiving a negative reply, he interrupted the conversation.

Political Analyst Voices Opinion on the Film Shugalei: “This story has to be Told”

The real-life events that formed the basis of the storyline of the film Shugalei are one of the stories that should be told to the Russians, said political analyst Ivan Arkatov. Russian sociologists Maxim Shugalei and Samer Sueifan from the Foundation for National Values Protection found themselves marooned in the Libyan prison of Mitiga.

Political Scientist Valery Solovey Tells About Struggle for Power in Russia and Possible Successors to Vladimir Putin

Political scientist Valery Solovey has spoken about the forthcoming struggle for the key government posts and possible successors to Vladimir Putin. He also predicted how and when power structure in this country is likely to change.

Political Analyst Says Riots in Vladikavkaz may Provoke Protests Against Lockdown all Over Russia

Mass clashes between lockdown opponents and security forces took place earlier in Vladikavkaz, capital of Russia’s constituent region of North Ossetia–Alania in North Caucasus. Subsequently, Omon riot police units cleared the city’s Freedom Square of protesters.

Political Analyst Marat Bashirov Says Moscow Mayor Derails Himself by Prologning Stay-at-Home Order in Moscow

Political analyst Bashirov came up with a thorough expert assessment on Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin's speech during a videoconference with Vladimir Putin.

Media: Preparations for Voting on Amendments to Constitution may Resume in May

According to insiders, the federal authorities are currently considering three possible dates of voting that had to be postponed in the wake of the novel coronavirus infection.

Expert Speaks About Aggravating Political Tensions in Russia

An unexpected conclusion was made by analyst Marat Bashirov after a thorough survey of uploads at popular political channels. Perplexed by the mass resignation of Russian governors, he made public the results of his research on his own Telegram channel.

Mikhail Delyagin: There is Confrontation Between Sobyanin and Putin Under Quarantine

On the one hand, there is Russian President who is trying to calm people down in the conditions of a pandemic, and on the other, there is Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin who proposes to spread his “anxiety-producing methods” throughout Russia.

“Struggle to Become Putin's Successor Is to Begin Soon:” Political Expert Makes Strong Statement

“A situation where half of the residents are against Putin to remain Russian president might turn his election into a real civil war,” says Abbas Gallyamov, the Russian political scientist. “Opponents of his re-election for a new term are much more active than his supporters.”

How to Make Federal Career in Tyumen

The recent appointment of Yelena Druzhinina, former press secretary of Tyumen State University and “Miss Tyumen State University 2013” to the position of Deputy Minister of Science and Education was predicted in early April. Reports say Druzhinina, who has never worked in public service previously, is about to take office. She will be in charge of multi-million budgets in the PR sphere.

Non-Essential Points of Constitution

After Vladimir Putin stated that the voting day on amendments to the Constitution would be postponed, the Kremlin specified both dates expected: May 27 or June 3. However, neither of the two is final. Besides, the date is still not the key point in the story.