Fight for Right to Become Putin's Successor Begins, Says Political Expert

“This even looks like a squabble, not a political fight,” said Valery Solovey. “The competition for the right to take over Putin's powers has already started. It is taking place right now. In total, there are about twelve candidates for the role of his successor. Timchenko, Sechin, Patrushev, Kovalchuks, Sobyanin, and Medvedev are among them.”

Russians Might be Deprived of Their Pensions, says Russian Economist

In the past, the Russian authorities have made every effort to persuade residents that freezing their pension savings was only a forced and temporary measure and it would be abolished a bit later. Then the pension savings diligently accumulated by the working population would be returned to their accounts.

Moscow City Duma Shaken by Scandal Around CPRF Faction

Oleg Sheremetyev, the Moscow City Duma lawmaker and a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF,) became a figure in the criminal case under Part 3 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code that cites gross fraud committed by a person using the official position.

Kiev, Washington Might be Pondering Deterioration in Crimea

In the past few years, the number of dubious incidents involving military aircraft and warships at the Russian borders near the Crimean peninsula has increased significantly.

State Coup Attempt in Kyrgyzstan

On Sunday, October 4, Kyrgyzstan held elections of deputies for the parliament. Voter turnout was 56.6 %. According to preliminary data, four parties got seats in parliament. The opposition failed to clear the 7 % threshold. After that, its representatives reported violations in the vote counting procedure.

War in Nagorno-Karabakh Might be Fought With Funds Coming from Moscow, Says Russian Economist

As an example, Mikhail Delyagin, a well-known Russian economist, publicist and radio host, mentioned Araz Agalarov. He is a well-known Russian businessman who comes from Azerbaijan and owns a fairly big business in Russia. According to Forbes, an authoritative and popular magazine, Agalarov is 55th on the list of 200 richest people of Russia.

Navalny is Young but Sober Yeltsin, Says CPRF Leader

“The new Triple Entente has been spreading eastwards,” said Gennady Zyuganov, the Secretary General of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF.) “Not only the ethnic cohesion of Slavic peoples, but also our demographic security and independence are at stake.” According to him, this is what he sees as one of the critical threats to Russia.

Navalny's Poisoning is Clear Sign that Regime is Heading for Collapse, Says Political Scientist

This opinion has recently been voiced by Valery Solovey, a well-known Russian political scientist and doctor of historical sciences. According to him, Navalny's poisoning might be considered a strong indication of the impending collapse of regime.

Alexander Lukashenko’s son is Transferred to Moscow School, Says Popular Russian Actor

With reference to his own sources, Stanislav Sadalsky, a well-known Russian actor and blogger, said that Nikolai, Alexander Lukashenko’s son, had been transferred to a school in Moscow.

Europe is Working on Plan to Propel Navalny to Power in Russia, Says Political Scientist

To put it simply, the Russian authorities might face a demand to remove a criminal record and all other legal claims against Alexei Navalny that prohibit him from standing in elections. Chances are guarantees of immunity will also be required.

Popular Economist Accuses Nabiullina and Siluanov of “Working for US Interests”

Mikhail Khazin, a well-known Russian economist, believes that Anton Siluanov and Elvira Nabiullina’s long-term tenure as top-ranking officials is a sign for the White House that Russia is still unready to become fully independent and to determine its own monetary policy.

Who Benefits From Dancing on Bones

Truly, God moves in a mysterious way. As Maria Zakharova, the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry wrote on her Facebook account, some people in Poland continue “indulging in endless fantasies” with surprising persistence.

Putin's Poor Health no Longer Allows him to Communicate for Long Time, Says Political Scientist

Moreover, Valery Solovey, a Russian political scientist, says that Vladimir Putin’s health is so poor that he has to get ready even for annual press conference in advance. Moreover, chances are the consequences for Putin will be quite serious, and the recovery period will be long.

Power Transit Begins in Russia, Says Former FSB Colonel

According to the opposition activist Gennady Gudkov, who is a former colonel of the Federal Security Service (FSB), he came to these conclusions on the grounds of numerous factors. For example, to his thinking, it is obvious that the Russian President acted out of character during the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Popular Russian News Analyst on Kremlin “Casting Session” for Putin's Successor

Among other things, according to Anatoly Wasserman, a well-known Russian news analyst, the candidates are being elected with due consideration of mistakes made in the past. The reason is the Presidential Administration is trying to avoid any miscalculations such as those that led up to making Dmitry Medvedev the President of Russia.