PolitStartup Project as Gateway to Political Arena

United Russia [the ruling political party since the early years of Vladimir Putin's presidency] implements human resources projects to network regional politicians.

Gas Prices Plummet in Europe on Putin's Birthday

Gas prices in Europe plummeted on Vladimir Putin's 69th birthday October 7. In particular, this was due to the Russian President’s recent statement of Russia's readiness to stabilize rising energy prices, say experts.

Dmitry Muratov Ranks With Barack Obama, Svetlana Alexievich

Philippine journalist Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov, editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta, have won the Nobel Peace Prize 2021. The announcement was made on October 8 by Berit Reiss-Andersen, Chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Fresh Faces on Political Stage After State Duma Election

The elections to the 8th State Duma lower house of Parliament and regional government bodies ended in Russia on September 19. Representatives of 14 political parties competed for deputy mandates on the federal list. Two parties nominated candidates for the State Duma elections for the first time.

Crime Boss's Unlucky Number

Anatoly Bykov, a notorious businessman and scandalous politician from Krasnoyarsk, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for double murder. Several more criminal cases against him are on the way.

Afghan Failure

The first “culture shock” of the Taliban’s August victories in Afghanistan has begun to wear off just now and leaders of the “civilised world” are fussing over the age-old question: “now what?”

Final Step Towards USSR Collapse

A group of top Soviet officials made an attempt to seize power on 19 August 1991 to stop the collapse of the great power, which was already gaining momentum.

Russia and China Scale up Military Cooperation “to Delight” the West

The Russian-Chinese Zapad/Interaction Military Exercise 2021 has reached its active phase. Servicemen of two countries had a series of joint training sessions where the Russian military drove Chinese armored vehicles and conducted proof firing.

Length of Conscription Service to be Added to Time in Employment

A draft law submitted to the State Dume lower house of Parliament proposes to add the period of conscription service in the Russian Armed Forces to overall time in employment for early retirement.

Investigators Recall Bykov’s Debt Collection

According to the Investigative Committee, Anatoly Bykov, a Russian businessman from Krasnoyarsk and a former chairman of the board of the world's largest aluminium company RUSAL's Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant (KrAZ), did not pay about 60 million rubles ($820,205) in taxes to the budget. His defense says that investigators are simply “drowning” him in numerous criminal cases.

Geneva Summit: There will be no war

Vladimir Putin has reinstated Russia as a superpower. The meeting at the Villa Grange in Geneva ended the way it was supposed to end. I am not a soothsayer or visionary but I would like to remind you that before the Putin-Biden summit I had already published my assumption that ...

Why did Putin Leave Siberia Unattended?

Political analysts have been increasingly speculating on whether the institution of presidential envoys in the federal districts will continue to function. Apparently, the interest in this topic has arisen because the position of the presidential representative in Siberia has been vacant for two months already.

Primaries for Future

The Orenburg region summed up the results of the ruling party’s primaries to select candidates on party lists for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Top places predictably went to the candidates who had enjoyed the largest support from the United Russia party.

“Main Result of Geneva Summit is Already Clear,” Says Expert

The news of the upcoming meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Joseph Biden caused quite a stir around the world. On the one hand, this is quite expected. On the other, this stir is difficult to explain from the viewpoint of the prevailing political paradigm in the West.

Russia to Have Complete Picture of Military Exercises in Ukraine

Modern weapons and ammunition will be supplied under the cover of the Sea Breeze-2021 military exercise to Ukrainian troops and nationalistic formations stationed near the breakaway Donbass Republics, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said.