Political Analyst Comments on Putin's Plans to Cleanse State Duma

Political Analyst Comments on Putin's Plans to Cleanse State Duma

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Many experts have been talking for months about Vladimir Putin's possible plans to get rid of those officials who work against the interests of Russia and its people.

For example, economists Mikhail Khazin and Mikhail Delyagin have spoken on this issue many a time. They made numerous scenarios of the process which they themselves called cleansing of the Russian elites from liberals. In their opinion, Putin might do it in order to ensure the country’s economic growth.

However, other experts started making these forecasts, focusing primarily on the new legislative initiatives of the Kremlin. According to them, these initiatives might be a direct proof that the implementation of that very plan of "the cleansing" is forthcoming. They believe that it might affect primarily the State Duma.

Commenting on the news that the President has signed the law for terminating the powers of Russian deputies with foreign citizenship, political analyst Armen Gasparyan has said that this might be the start of the “cleansing” in the elitist milieu. In his opinion, this document was adopted for a reason. Therefore, in the near future, it might be used to get rid of those who did not meet the expectations of the Russians. This document was indeed signed by Vladimir Putin earlier.

In this regard, Gasparyan believes that in the near future, the new order and the new rules are likely to be applied in a rather drastic manner against the members of the Russian elitist quarters.

"It is clear that this law was adopted for some reason,” he said. “At the moment, the situation in Russia is completely different. The era of 1990s, when we had a whole package of laws which almost no one could explain, is over. Now, the State Duma has much more reasonable activities. As to the legislative changes, they were discussed a long time ago, quite substantively and for a long time. After all, Russia is not Moldova where seven out of seven judges of the Constitutional Court have Romanian citizenship. In Russia, traditions are completely different. It means that the practice has to be different, too. Some people used loopholes in the law but now, they will lose this opportunity. This is an absolutely correct measure taken by the President.”

Gasparyan also believes that the new State Duma which will be elected by the citizens of Russia in autumn 2021 might be very much renewed.

"Chances are that as regards the State Duma, there will be no officials with dual citizenship any longer,” he said. “This is unacceptable because a Russian deputy, as it seems to me, should be a person of the old school and a role model. So far, we have quite a few deputies who, to put it mildly, remain an example of the opposite.”

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