Pioneer Sets Example to all Guys

Pioneer Sets Example to all Guys


May 19 is the 100th anniversary of the All-Union Pioneer Organization n.a. V.Lenin. Several generations of Soviet boys and girls have passed through the organization over the years.

In the Soviet Union, it was a big children's patriotic association, which bore the name of the All-Union Pioneer Organization named after V.Lenin. Initially this association, created by the Communist Youth Union, was named Spartacus, but it changed its name after Lenin's death in 1924. In 1923, the competition to create an anthem for the pioneers was announced, and after a careful selection processes the march of the Young Pioneers “Clash the Fires, Blue Nights” won, written by the poet Alexander Zharov and the musician and pianist Sergey Kaidan-Deshkin.

Certain precepts and custom were even introduced for the children who joined this organization: “Pioneer sets an example to all the guys,” “Pioneer does not smoke and does not drink,” “Pioneer does not keep his hands in his pockets,” and “Pioneer does not swear” that were very relevant at that time.

Moreover, this children's organization practiced slogans like “Lenin's Pioneers carry out the precepts of Ilyich,” “Pioneer, eagle-eye, fight back the saboteur!” etc. Over time these precepts changed, but the cry “Be Ready - Always Ready!” as well as the wearing of a tie was borrowed by the Young Leninists from the Scouts, just a red tie instead of a green one.

It was very strange and unusual not to be a pioneer in the USSR, and the red pioneer tie meant a lot to a Soviet child. To join the organization one had to learn the Laws of Young Leninists, which were often printed even on the back cover of notebooks.

The best students were historically accepted into the Pioneers first, and then everyone else. The event was usually held at ceremonial rulings, all students were in uniform, and the Soviet Pioneer Oath was read out: “I, Pioneer of the Soviet Union, in front of my comrades solemnly swear - to live and study, as the great Lenin has bequeathed ...” Then students who were honored with this honor would wear a red tie.

After joining the All-Union Pioneer Organization named after Lenin it seemed to the children that they immediately became much more mature and responsible, because “a pioneer is an example to all children, he must help people, work and love the Motherland!”

In Soviet times, every school had a Pioneer Druzhina, which was led by the school Pioneer Leader. Within the druzhina was the Council, which elected the most responsible and diligent students. Usually its members met to decide urgent matters once a week. Collecting waste paper and scrap metal was one of the most important Pioneer activities, as well as subbotniks, when in the spring the school grounds were cleaned.

Back then there were many pioneer hobby groups, competitions (including, for example, the Zarnitsa military-sports game), trips to places of military glory, etc.

Expulsion from the pioneers was one of the worst punishments for a student, and everyone feared it like the plague. Mostly it could happen because of systematic hooliganism, smoking, poor study and disobedience. However, it is fair to say that such cases were very rare, and although it was an ideological children's organization, it had an amazing magic of excitement and youthfulness.

Poems, songs, and other works of art were devoted to pioneer organization. For example, there were movies about the heroes-pioneers, where they are fought with the Nazis along with adults during the Second World War and then helped to rebuild the ruined country.

The day before it became known that a group of deputies and senators introduced a bill on the Russian movement of children and youth “Big Change” to the State Duma. In fact, this movement will resemble a pioneer organization, and children from the age of six, as well as students of colleges and technical schools can join it. Participation in the movement will be a purely voluntary decision of everyone, and the youth will be educated by adult mentors.

It is assumed that the supervisory board of the new Russian movement will be headed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. As for the 100th anniversary of the All-Union Pioneer Organization named after V. I. Lenin, we can congratulate not only all citizens of our country, but also those who once were young pioneers, but fate lead them over the sea.

Leonid Slutsky is Elected Head of LDPR Faction in State Duma 1,800 Azovstal Fighters Surrender