Pilot Project to Extend Career Longevity is to be Launched in Russia

Pilot Project to Extend Career Longevity is to be Launched in Russia

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People with disabilities will be able to get an electronic certificate for the purchase of rehabilitation equipment. More than 20,000 electronic certificates worth over 300 million rubles ($5.7 mln) have been issued in Russia, said Dmitry Ligomina, Head of the Department for the Disabled of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation at the international conference of the Social Insurance Fund ‘Social partnership: main results and vectors of development.’

Leading specialists of state ministries and departments, public organizations, medical institutions and employers' associations discussed latest measures of social support to citizens, advanced services and new joint projects of the Social Insurance Fund and its social partners.

“We live in a difficult time, when social support is especially important. Despite all the difficulties, today our state manages not only to maintain social guarantees, but also to introduce and improve services to provide state social services, to develop and develop new projects,” said Aleksey Polikashin, Acting Chairman of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, when opening the conference.

“An electronic certificate for the purchase of assistive technology for people with disabilities was one of the most important recent projects,” said State Duma deputy and Chairman of the All-Russian Society of the Disabled Mikhail Terentyev. “There were issues at the initial stage of implementing [the service], but we, together with the Ministry of Labor, the Fund, the Federal Treasury, and other participants overcame these growth problems as a unified team. I hope, the changes in legislation that we adopted as part of the obligation for banks to accept the electronic certificate will help in the further development of this tool.”

Specialists noted the main advantages of the electronic certificate for rehabilitation equipment such as the convenience and comfort of obtaining rehabilitation equipment, the expansion of opportunities to choose appropriate technology for people with disabilities, increased competition and improved quality of TRS.

According to experts, people in Russia are increasingly interested in digital services. For example, about 95% of payments of the Pension Fund are made through the Gosuslugi portal, said Andrei Kigim, Chairman of the Pension Fund board, at the conference. “This means that the government's policy of digitalization of the economy, creation of a convenient and accessible service is quite effective and is being implemented quite well,” he said.

Another important project, the results of which were shared by the experts, is devoted to prolonging professional longevity of Russians. “Preserving the nation's health and increasing people's professional longevity are our main goals,” said Sergey Aleshchenko, Deputy Chairman of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, who was the host of the session. The project organized medical examinations and therapeutic and preventive measures to prevent the development of neurosensory hearing loss. This pathology most often develops due to industrial noise. In particular, members of flight crews of civil aviation and workers of Russian Railways suffer from it. After undergoing therapeutic and preventive treatment, hearing has improved in 80% of employees of the aviation industry and more than 60% of workers of Russian Railways, experts said.

The participants of the conference also shared their experience in the application of state support measures for employers for employment of certain categories of citizens. The experts discussed how the program works, conditions and procedure for granting subsidies, interdepartmental interaction, participation of the business community in the preparation of proposals for economic support measures. As well as the experience of employers and employed workers.

“Last week the government of the Russian Federation decided to expand this program, now employers will be able to receive state support, including if they employ citizens who have lost their jobs as a result of company closures or staff reductions. As well as refugees from the DPR and LPR,” said Alexei Polikashin, head of the Social Insurance Fund.

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