Number of Wagner Group Mercenaries go Public

Number of Wagner Group Mercenaries go Public


The total number of Wagner Group mercenaries, deployed in different countries around the world, might reach as many as 200,000 people, reports the Join-wagner website.

Fighters of the Russian paramilitary organization, whose name has already become a brand operating in 14 countries such as Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Congo, Angola, Algeria, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Madagascar, as well as Syria, and Venezuela.

In addition to introductory information, a recruiting questionnaire is posted on the website. Those who wish are invited to fill in the fields with personal data for joining the PMC.

The site was created on the back of news that more and more Africans were publicly wearing Wagner Group’s symbolics to attract luck. Recently, the Central African police special forces marched in an official Republic Day parade, wearing uniforms with chevrons resembling the Wagner Group symbolics.

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