November Novelties in Russia

November Novelties in Russia


One hundred and eighteen federal laws that had been adopted earlier came into effect on November 1. Many of them will have a direct impact on the life of Russian citizens.

Money Transfer Changes

Money transfers up to 100,000 rubles ($1,384.66) between individuals are free of charge; for larger remittances, the commission amounts to 0.5 percent of the transferred sum, but shall not exceed 1,500 rubles ($20.77). These regulations have been valid for inter-bank transfers since 2020. Starting November, citizens can transfer money to the card of another financial institution.

Digital Vehicle Certificates to Replace Paper Ones

Car owners can only receive an electronic certificate of title from the beginning of November. The paper documents issued earlier remain valid; the car owners are not required to change them.

Benefits for Pensioners

Supplementary pension is available for the following categories of pensioners from November 1: former workers of civil aviation and coal industry, defenders of the besieged Leningrad, pensioners who retired in July 2021, and citizens who turned 80 in October.

Former miners and ex-workers of civil aviation will receive additional payments worth 3,873 rubles ($53.63) and 19,584 rubles ($271.17) accordingly. The next indexation is due in three months. As for citizens who survived the Siege of Leningrad, they are eligible for a one-time payment of 50,000 rubles ($692.33) from November 1. About 75,000 citizens of the Russian Federation, including those living outside Russia, can count on this allowance.

Flights to Different Countries to be Resumed

Flights to 13 countries were resumed from November 9. The Russian residents can fly to Austria, the Bahamas, Iran, Netherlands, Norway, UAE, Oman, Slovenia, Tunisia, Thailand, Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland. In addition, regular flights to the Egyptian resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada will be launched. There will be more flights to Italy, Albania, Hungary, Macedonia, and Greece from Russia in November.

Childproofing Windows

A new state standard for child safety window guards and locks became effective on November 1. According to the new requirements, special fittings, protectors and a new child lock have to be installed on windows to prevent accidental opening. Developers are recommended to use glass with polished edges and child safety locks. New standards have been introduced for the area of non-opening sashes in window units and window sill height.

Precious Metals Circulation and Control

Starting from November 1, legal entities engaged in mining and the so-called by-product extraction or production of precious metals can voluntarily enter information on the amount of mined and precious metals, shipped in processed products, into a special state-integrated information system for control over the circulation of precious metals and gems.

As for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on special register who use precious metals and gems for production, research and social-cultural purposes, they may voluntarily enter information about receipt and use of these metals and stones into this system. The innovations do not apply to the organizations that store, study and exhibit museum pieces, or the museum collections consisting of items included in the Museum Fund of Russia.

Loans and COVID-19

The Bank of Russia recommended granting applications to change the terms of the loan or the credit if the income of the borrower no longer allows fulfilling obligations. So, in this situation from November 1 to December 31, 2021, a Russian citizen can provide the bank with an application and a document that confirms that he or his family member who lives with him is infected with COVID-19.

Moreover, this also applies to the borrowers who have already restructured a loan. The Central Bank recommends that they be exempt from fines and penalties. Self-employed citizens, as well as small and medium businesses, can count on the same support measures.

Unified Vaccination Certificate to be Approved

The order of Ministry of Health № 1006 “On approval of medical documentation form ‘Certificate of preventive vaccination against novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) or medical contraindications to vaccination and (or) disease due to novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and its maintenance’” dated October 22, 2021, took effect on November 8.

This document will contain the first, last, and patronymic [derived from the father's first name and usually serves as a middle name for Russians] names, date of birth of the vaccinated citizen, his/her gender, address, and date of formation of the document. It will provide information on when, with what vaccine, and where the person was vaccinated. Moreover, there will be a space for a QR code. The details about revaccination, medical contraindications, and previous illnesses (if any) will be also filled in there. Certificates generated before the new order came into force will be automatically reissued on the government services portal.

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