New Way to Take Money Away from Russian Pensioners

New Way to Take Money Away from Russian Pensioners


Well-informed sources indicate that motivational fees might be introduced in the future for people who will tip the information off to the Federal Tax Service about pensioners who somehow evade paying taxes.

Some time ago, reports began to appear in the media that the Russian tax officials had dramatically increased the number of checks on private bank accounts. As it turned out, the plan was to make inquiries back in spring into people’s incomes, the source of which could be considered “illegal.” However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, the tax authorities didn’t carry out any checks. Today, in the absence of self-isolation regulations, the aspirations of the state have become even bigger against the background of the budget deficit. Chances are there will be more persistent efforts to put hand in people’s pocket.

It is noteworthy that the federal center laid the groundwork for these actions in advance and even tried to “improve” it. For instance, recall the notorious initiative to take away people’s savings, the legality of which cannot be proven, and to transfer them to the Pension Fund. It would seem that the government takes care of pensioners, trying to draw as much money to the budget of the fund as possible. However, the authorities seem to have prepared a very unpleasant surprise for the pensioners themselves.

Obviously, even rigorous tax checks and the attempt to drain the pockets of ordinary Russians are not likely to save the Kremlin from a problem formed by a number of external factors. As economists have previously said, the hole in the country's budget might reach from 3 to 5 trln rubles (from $ 40.23 bln to $ 67.05mln) by the yearend. A large-scale campaign to identify illegal income is unlikely to be of great help for filling this gap. This means that the state might again save money on pensioners. Moreover, this time the mechanism of saving on the elderly Russians might look as tough as possible. In fact, it can be said that there will be attempts to take away any “extra” money from the Russian pensioners.

According to media reports, this autumn the Russian pensioners might get a new request from tax officials. The Federal Tax Service is going to introduce a new automated system which will allow it to fully control any hidden and additional incomes of elderly people. Under the new system, banks, tax inspection, trade organizations, online stores, as well as taxpayers themselves will be knit together and therefore not a single extra ruble available to pensioners will evade the screening by Federal Tax Service's officials.

And if the Pension Fund cannot establish yet that a person gets some additional unofficial income, then from now on, he or she will have to explain each transfer to his or her account. Subsequently, pensioners will be invited for conversations to territorial branches of the Federal Tax Service. There they will be asked to explain where the money comes from.

Moreover, according to some data, in the future, motivational fees might be introduced for people who will tip the information off to the Federal Tax Service about pensioners who somehow evade taxes. There is no need to say that given the size of the minimum pension -- and even of the average one -- in Russia, pensioners mostly “evade” tax payments only because they have to buy some food for themselves.

It is noteworthy that Russian society has already reacted very strongly to the forthcoming innovations. So, indignant people write in social networks that this system is likely to significantly hit a large number of Russian pensioners who have to spare no efforts to earn some extra money because of their insignificant pensions.

“Maybe, it will be better to fully deprive elderly people of pensions? Then there will be more savings!” the remarks in social media read. “They’ve laid their hands even on poor pensioners,” “People are already on the poverty line. It is a shame. The richest country is trying to rob its pensioners.”

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