New Economic School Holds Graduation Ceremony

New Economic School Holds Graduation Ceremony


RNG supports students and professors at the New Economic School (NES) as part of its charitable program, allocating funds for full and partial tuition grants.

Good academic performance both at the time of enrollment and during the study itself is one of the important conditions for receiving financial support.

RNG's grantee, Nikita Komov from the Moscow Region, graduated this year with a master's degree in economics. The company fully paid for the last year of his studies.

“I am grateful to RNG for the opportunity to graduate from one of the country's leading universities. I was lucky to learn from real professionals, who have a huge amount of theoretical knowledge, but just as important, a lot of practical experience. Sound academic background is the key to a successful career path,” said Nikita Komov, a graduate of the New Economic School.

A total of 134 students have graduated from NES this year with bachelor's and master's degrees. 50 students received partial and full tuition grants over two years as part of the partnership between the company and the school. Also during this time, 103 out-of-town students were provided with grants to pay from 75% to 100% of the cost of accommodation in the dormitory and two named professorships were established.

In 2021, NES partially covered the cost of acquiring a new academic building. Currently, it uses a room with a total area of 4,800 m². In the future, it will allow the university to expand its educational activities and increase the number of students. By 2025, the New Economic School will be able to admit 300 more students than today.

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