Nakhazo Camping Site to be Opened at Rosa Khutor ski Resort

Nakhazo Camping Site to be Opened at Rosa Khutor ski Resort


The Rosa Khutor ski resort continues to develop an extensive network of mountain hiking trails in cooperation with Sochi National Park. The Nakhazo camping site will be opened there to receive tourists for the first time.

It is located on the southern slope of the Aibga ridge at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level. A new educational route of the same name leads to it. The length of the route is about 7 kilometers in one direction. The height difference is 420 meters, and the duration is three hours.

The resort offers a new type of recreation surrounded by mountains

The Nakhazo camping area is a modern tourist camp with 12 wooden lodges creative triangular shape, resembling gabled tents. The lodges are equipped with everything one might need for a cozy overnight stay: beds with linens, outlets for charging phones, lights, etc. There is also a restaurant, a sanitary unit with toilets and showers, an info-center with mountain outfit rental, and a big terrace with the most beautiful view of the Psou river valley. A telescope standing there allows guests to enjoy stars. Cell phone and wi-fi are available at the camping site.

“There is an increasing demand for alternative recreation with immersion in the “wild” nature,” says Rosa Khutor Resort CEO Alexander Belokobylsky. “We are ready to provide our guests with such an opportunity. Along with routes with professional guides and pleasure of solitude, air and surrounding landscapes, it will be possible to take special training courses on mountain skills at the camping site. Our new facility is ideal not only for individual, but also for interesting corporate vacations. It has everything you need.”

Nakhazo can be reached by the resort's cable cars to the summit of Rosa Peak and then walk 7 km along the mountain road. Walking ticket for the elevators when booking accommodation in the camping is available at a special discounted rate. The campers have the option of full board, i.e. three meals a day (optional). The camping also offers film screenings, a wide range of board games, yoga and climbing lessons, etc.

Nakhazo is the first camping site in the natural tourism development program at Rosa Khutor. According to Alexander Belokobylsky, this is still a priority task for the resort. The plans for the coming years include creation of the necessary infrastructure. In particular, there are plans to complete work on a new tourist ring of footpaths, 40 km long, on which 5 more campsites will be arranged.

“According to our plan, campsites should be created in picturesque places, for example near lakes, waterfalls and other natural beauties. They will be non-permanent structures for summer vacations only, but in the future we are considering creating comfortable recreation in them in winter as well. For the time being this is only the beginning of our large program for development of nature tourism on our resort,” said Belokobylsky.

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