Moscow Residents Take to Streets Demanding ice Removal From Sidewalks

Moscow Residents Take to Streets Demanding ice Removal From Sidewalks


There were one-man pickets of the residents of Moscow, outraged by the lack of snow and ice removal in pedestrian areas and courtyards. They demand that those responsible for this dangerous situation be brought to justice.

The city center is clean, but there is real chaos behind the Garden Ring Road. The Our City portal recorded about 20,000 complaints.,

The budget of Moscow is huge (Law of the City of Moscow of November 24, 2021, № 33 ‘On the budget of the city of Moscow for 2022 and planning period 2023 and 2024’ The funds for snow and ice removal, allocated by the Moscow City Hall, in theory, should be more than enough to ensure compliance with the federal law № 169 ‘On Road Safety,’ the national standard 50597 and Technology of winter cleaning of Moscow.

As the number of appeals to the Our City portal shows, this winter, safe movement on the streets of Moscow is a privilege for a select few. Somewhere sidewalks are regularly cleaned and treated with de-icing materials, and somewhere they have not been cleaned since January. Every day people get injuries in not cleaned pedestrian zones. To walk along the streets takes significant physical effort and frequently even acrobatic skills. According to many Muscovites, corruption and professional unfitness of the management of the housing and communal services sector in Moscow are to blame for the current ice and snow deadlock.

Here are excerpts of files from the Our City portal (

The complaints are endless, but the Moscow City Hall and the management of the housing and utilities sector headed by Peter Biryukov seem to want to endure the snow and ice season, and then the residents will forget, get distracted by the elections to the municipal assemblies of Moscow districts or something else. Meanwhile, queues at emergency departments with bruises and fractures are breaking records. Elderly people, especially those who cannot move around without the help of sticks or other people, have to risk their lives every day and become completely exhausted to get to the nearest store or pharmacy. There is a certain attitude among Moscow residents towards officials. Many believe that it is a direct snow-ice ordeal for residents of Moscow's bedroom communities on the part of the City Hall and directly blame the management of the housing and utilities sector for it.

Initiative groups of several districts submitted notifications for pickets to the Prefectures and the Department of Housing and Communal Services of Moscow.

However, officials once again hid behind Kovid 19, refusing under the pretext of Kovid restrictions and other far-fetched ideas to hold mass pickets. Therefore, Moscow residents, members of initiative groups held independent, unorganized single pickets, including at the prefectures and the Department of Housing and Communal Services.

Activists consider writing complaints to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, to the General Prosecutor's Office, appeals to deputies of the State Duma and members of the Federation Council, to the Head of the Central Federal District, and the President of the Russian Federation as the next stage of struggle for their safety and safety of all people, living outside several central streets in Moscow. Complaints will be sent to the IC and Prosecutor's Office on signs of negligence, violation of the Federal Law on road safety, GOST R 50597, and Technology of winter cleaning. Residents are also aware of many facts of open fraud, recorded even by deputies of the Moscow City Duma, when under the guise of de-icing materials approved for use in Moscow. They buy and use technical salt, banned in the city many years ago because of the negative impact on the environment:¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic

The activists will also ask for help from the deputies of the State Duma, to publish real statistics on injuries and situations where elderly people and people suffering from severe physical illnesses have become injured while moving around Moscow. They plan to demand financial compensation to victims of ice and snow injuries from the Moscow City Hall. In fact, according to the activists, Moscow Mayor's office itself provides the ideal grounds for the opposition candidates in the elections to the municipal assemblies to nominate and win.

Sergei Sobyanin has recently said that Moscow is the safest city in terms of traffic injuries.

However, as the facts show, the Russian capital is not safe for everyone because anyone who has to move on foot every day in the city will confirm that the slippery yards and sidewalks have not been cleaned by snow removers and sprinkled since the beginning of winter in some areas.

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