Military and Political Telegram Channels Discuss Dangerous Incident With Russian Air Force Plane Over Niger

Military and Political Telegram Channels Discuss Dangerous Incident With Russian Air Force Plane Over Niger


The destruction of a Russian Tu-154M plane over Niger would have led to retaliation by Russia, said Commissioner Yarrick, head of the military and political Telegram channel Astra Militarum.

Earlier, political analyst Boris Rozhin’s СОlonelcassad Telegram channel reported that a Russian plane headed for Bamako made a strange maneuver in the area of Agadez which accommodates the 201st airbase of the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM).

“There is an opinion that there could have been a hypothetical threat to the Russian plane in the light of the growing competition in West Africa where the erosion of the French neocolonial empire is observed. The new government of Mali requested to withdraw some of the troops to Niger where France has deployed military bases,” according to a СОlonelcassad story.

It is likely that the Russian military experts, as well as instructors, which the Western media associate with the Wagner Group, were on board. According to foreign journalists, the Russians have been working in the African republic since late August 2021.

The government of Mali refused to receive French President Emmanuel Macron in Bamako. Earlier, reports said that the local authorities had put forward a condition to the Elysee Palace that the issues related to the private military company would not be discussed at the meeting. Curiously, the head of the former metropolitan power planned to visit the capital of Mali precisely on December 20 but Bamako received a delegation from Russia instead.

The founder of the military analysis channel Astra Militarum joined the discussion to comment on the incident. According to Commissioner Yarrick, the foreign military would not have risked shooting down a Russian plane.

“It is likely that the unusual maneuver of the Russian TU-154M over Niger is directly related to the French air bases there. However, I don't think the plane was in any real danger.

The fact is that there are our submarines within striking distance. If foreign forces had shot down our guys, there would have been an almost immediate equivalent response from the Russian side. Niger would have been hit. Probably, there would be a nuclear attack. Russia, of course, is a humanistic country and does not act this way but aggressive actions must meet with similar response.”

Commissioner Yarrick believes that Moscow’s counteraction to the potential threat would hardly cause condemnation of the international community. He explained this by the fact that the massive presence of militants in this region is common knowledge.

“In theory, shelling Niger is not such a bad idea. It is largely a desert with terrorist hotbeds everywhere and nobody would condemn Moscow for liquidation of a hundred or two guerillas of IH or al-Qaeda* (prohibited in Russia). Of course, it is possible that the Americans and Frenchmen would be affected since they have a lot of bases there,” he said.

The Head of Astra Militarum also recalled a large number of foreign bases present in the region. In his opinion, the proximity of militant strongholds and military facilities of the collective West must raise several questions for the contingents present in Niger.

“However, that's their fault. They have built numerous military installations but they do not liquidate the radicals. If they are getting along peacefully in the neighborhood, then they must understand the consequences,” said Commissioner Yarrick in conclusion.

* The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized Al-Qaeda as an extremist organization banned in the territory of Russia on 13.11.2008; ruling No. 08-1956, entered into force on 27.11.2008

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