Medvedev Calles Past Year Difficult and Dramatic

Medvedev Calles Past Year Difficult and Dramatic


Summarizing the results of the outgoing year, Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council, called it difficult and dramatic, as well as heralded the beginning of a new era. As reported by RIA Novosti, in his view, many international institutions will undergo an inevitable transformation, and historians will eventually give them a “temporary verdict.”

In his article published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Medvedev outlined the goals of the special military operation, made clear exactly whom he considers traitors, and reminded us that there is a real risk of World War III.

Regarding the special military operation in Ukraine, which was launched on February 24, 2022, Medvedev once again clarified that its goals remained unchanged, namely, as Kommersant quoted him as saying, “the denazification… of the almost Nazi regime of Ukraine, the complete demilitarization of the Ukrainian state,” as well as the protection of compatriots in the new territories. At the same time, Medvedev stressed that the decision to conduct a special operation was a difficult step, to which Russia was forced by circumstances. In this case, it was not only about protecting the republics of Donbass, which had been under attack since 2014, but also about the security and sovereignty of Russia as a whole.

Regarding Western countries, which have become totally dependent on the United States and have launched an unprecedented trade war against Russia, imposing hundreds of sanctions, Medvedev said that Russia “currently has no one and nothing to negotiate with.” As Medvedev noted, normal relations with the West can be forgotten for years until new sensible politicians come to power there. As time has shown, Russia can easily do without them and improve relations with the rest of the world.

Medvedev stressed in his article that Russia is not accustomed to this kind of rampant Russophobia. It has happened more than once in the history of our country. Anti-Russian hysteria manifested itself not only in the last century, but also in the 19th century. Russia had to endure difficult times after World Wars I and II, as well as in the 1990s, when the Soviet Union ceased to exist. However, Russia did not en in fiasco and only became stronger.

In addition, Medvedev noted in his article that the numerous sanctions imposed thoughtlessly by Western countries in the hope of undermining Russia's economy and isolating it from the rest of the world “destroy the fundamental principles of a market economy.” What did the decision to limit oil prices lead to? Did Russia suffer? No, it simply created a “giant gray zone” where deals are made without the dictates of the “powers that be.” When imposing sanctions against us, Western countries probably did not think about the fact that Russia would defend itself, and do it with dignity. Now in response to their actions with foreign assets it will do what is spelled out in Russian law.

Because of all the changes that are taking place, the world is becoming multipolar, the countries of the East, where most of the world's population lives, are increasingly influential. This fact will have to be reckoned with. This new world will be ready for cooperation with the West, but only relations will be built exclusively on equality and mutual respect. In his article, Medvedev admitted that the contradictions between the “allies in the anti-Russian bloc” will increase, and in the future new reserve currencies are likely to appear. Medvedev also underlined that the world is close to the Third World War. The only thing stopping “Western benefactors” from doing this is Russia as a strong state, protected by a nuclear triad. Our country will do everything to prevent a nuclear catastrophe, because later there will be no one to sort out whether this was a retaliatory or preventive strike.

Medvedev believes that the current situation will normalize as soon as Russia receives guarantees of maximum security. However, negotiations with Kiev's puppet regime are out of the question and are “absolutely pointless.”

In his article, Medvedev also mentioned those of our citizens who wish defeat to both the country and the army. Therefore, according to Medvedev, there should be no forgiveness for them. Against the backdrop of all this, a society is maturing and there is no place for “toxic alien foam” in it. Although, it should be admitted that not everyone is aware of how radically our lives have changed this year. Russian society is not homogeneous. Some go as volunteers to the Donbass, collecting humanitarian aid for residents of the new territories, doctors are sent to the front lines to treat the wounded, and there are some Russian citizens who do not notice it. But for the most part, society understands that Nazism is near our borders, but “they shall not pass!” It has been patiently nurtured for years, planting an alien ideology, educating the young generation in Ukraine according to the laws of Nazi Germany, using the Ukrainian people and the territory of this country for their own monstrous purposes. Medvedev believes that the time is not far off when all these “secrets” of the West will become known to the world community and we will have to admit who is right.

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