Medvedev Announces Retaliatory Strikes in Case of Shelling of Russian Cities

Medvedev Announces Retaliatory Strikes in Case of Shelling of Russian Cities


The United States and Western countries continue to supply weapons to Kiev. Washington announced that the plan was to send to Ukraine HIMARS MLRS, capable of striking targets up to 100 kilometers or more.

RIA Novosti reports that Dmitry Medvedev told AI Jazeera that Russia will have no choice but to target Ukraine's decision-making centers if these multiple-launch rocket systems are used. To be more precise, the General Staff and the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, he said.

In addition, the final centers of decision-making in this case are facilities that are not even on Ukrainian territory, said Medvedev. “This threat will have to be taken into account,” said Medvedev.

The U.S. said that supplies of HIMARS MLRS to Ukraine had been agreed upon. However, the U.S. side put forward a condition that this weapon would not be used for shelling Russian populated areas. At the same time, as reported by RIA Novosti, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky publicly confirmed that such an agreement did in fact exist.

Should Zelensky be trusted? Hardly

According to media reports, in assessing Zelensky's words, Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow has no credit to Kiev on the grounds that the Ukrainian president has not fulfilled a single promise that he generously gave out on the peaceful resolution of the armed conflict in Donbas.

At the UN Security Council meeting, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said that whoever supplies Ukraine with weapons, which are allegedly needed to strengthen its capacity and provide an opportunity to repel Russia, is committing a war crime. According to Nebenzya, the supply of multiple-launch rocket systems, such as HIMARS, will further escalate the conflict.

Using weapons supplied by Western countries and the United States, the Ukrainian militants continue shelling peaceful towns and villages in Donbass, as they have been doing for the past eight years, killing elderly people, women, and children. Nebenzya specified that the West has supplied Ukraine with British M-777 long-range howitzers, which just before International Children's Day were used to shell Makeyevka, which, as Nebenzya reported, killed 5 people, among them a five-year-old girl, Mira. “The ICC (International Criminal Court) should also know about this, if this organization is justice,” Nebenzya said.

At the same time, one of the recent statements of the Russian Defense Ministry, as reported by, says that in the very near future, the delivery of American HIMARS missile systems, which have a long flight range, is planned to the town of Shostka, Sumy Region, located approximately 40 km from the Russian-Ukrainian border. As a reminder, no combat operations are currently taking place in that area. The Russian side has data from the interception of talks that another inhumane action is planned in Shostka.

The HIMARS missile systems are intended to fire on Russian territory to cause retaliatory strikes. Moreover, according to the media, there are plans to use Ukrainian and foreign journalists to create fake materials like the ones that were made in Bucha. The missiles will be launched, as before, from residential areas. Ukrainian fighters are known to use school, kindergarten, and hospital buildings to house their units and ammunition depots.

According to Alexei Ram, a military columnist for Izvestia, U.S. HIMARS systems have different ranges depending on the types of guided missiles. The range can be from 20 to 70 kilometers or more. Russian air defense currently has superiority on the battlefield. According to Ram, it is not necessarily right that HIMARS missiles will be able to break into Russian territory. Our air defense assets successfully shoot down more sophisticated targets such as Smerch, Tochka and Uragan missiles.

Evidently, the Ukrainian nationalists are not going to change their tactics of warfare, deliberately exposing their population to mortal danger and using it as a human shield. It seems that the principle of “war to the last Ukrainian” still reigns in the minds of Ukraine's top military leadership. The supply by Western countries and the United States of America of more and more shipments of modern weapons only exacerbates this conflict, not only causing the destruction of settlements on the territory of Ukraine, but also causing more and more human casualties.

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