Lithuania's Provocations Might Result in Economic Restrictions Imposed by Russia, Says Political Expert

Lithuania's Provocations Might Result in Economic Restrictions Imposed by Russia, Says Political Expert


Recently, the broadcasting commission of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania has banned the broadcasting of five shows by RT television channel. Many believe that this was caused by the fact that they were associated with reporter Dmitri Kiselev, who is under EU sanctions.

The resounding political effect caused by another anti-Russian attack from Vilnius was commented on by State Duma deputy Alexei Chepa. In his opinion, the provocative steps by the Lithuanian authorities should be should get as tough as a response as possible. First of all, economic measures should be taken. In particular, it is necessary to stop the economic activities of the Baltic businessmen in Russia, as well as to arrest accounts of the Lithuanian companies in Russian banks. Earlier, a similar opinion was expressed by deputies Vitaly Milonov and Yevgeny Marchenko.

In addition, many experts also supported the introduction of sanctions against Lithuanian businesses. Vasiliy Koltashov, the head of a center for political economic research, said that there were several reasons to impose economic restrictions.

First and foremost, Lithuania should understand that Russian money is of great value due to close and beneficial cooperation between businesses of both countries. However, the Lithuanian government’s Russophobic policy, which has intensified in recent years, has already resulted in a partial reduction of financial transits from Russia. According to Koltashov, later this might lead to a complete cessation of transit. In this case, Russia is likely to start considering Lithuanian companies as “dubious organizations operating from an unfriendly state.”

Koltashov believes that financial sanctions are necessary. However, this might trigger a crisis of the Lithuanian social and political system given the fact that it profits only from the mediation in the Baltic trade. Therefore, it is not clear why the Lithuanians are doing everything to stop the flow of capital and goods in their direction, said Koltashov.

Chances are sanctions against Lithuania will be introduced soon taking into account the damage that Vilnius is dealing to Moscow in the political arena and the benefits that it is simultaneously deriving from partnership.

As RIA Novosti news agency said earlier, Milonov proposed to introduce special duties for Lithuanian businessmen on transfers between banking systems. In his opinion, the measure of this kind might allow to eliminate the situation where Lithuania is implementing anti-Russian projects with the money earned in Russia.

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