Libya's Head of High Council of State Living in Turkey is Spreading Fake News About Wagner Group

Libya's Head of High Council of State Living in Turkey is Spreading Fake News About Wagner Group

Anadolu Agency has spread a loud and ungrounded statement of Khaled al-Mishri, Chairman of the High Council of State of Libya that there are Wagner Group fighters in Libya.

Al-Mishri who lives in Turkey did not provide evidence of this information. This fact suggests that his statement is nothing more than a propaganda ploy. For example, the Turkish media has regularly published similar messages to cover up the transfer of Syrian and Sudanese mercenaries to Tripoli.

This statement followed the report that a new group of Afghan mercenaries had arrived near Tripoli. According to local sources, they had been flown to the Al-Wataya airbase in Turkey by a cargo plane of Rada Airline, a Belarusian private company, which is associated with the leader of the Libyan band of the same name, Abd al-Rauf Karra.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR,) the total number of pro-Turkish fighters deployed in Libya is at least 18,000 people. Active transfer of mercenaries to the west of the African country is carried out simultaneously with Ankara's statements about support of a peaceful settlement and phased withdrawal of the foreign contingent. At the same time, the media controlled by the republican authorities are conducting a propaganda campaign against the Wagner Group. The groundless damaging stories aim to distract the world community's attention from Turkey's actions.

In turn, Khaled al-Mishri has been trying for months to achieve the postponement of the presidential elections in Libya, scheduled for December, 24. He went from statements about the need to postpone the plebiscite to threats of the resumption of hostilities. In addition, al-Mishri has repeatedly called on residents to stage mass protests. However, his efforts have had no effect.

Late last week, he held several meetings in Ankara to discuss the electoral process in the North African country. After the talks, the Turkish prime minister presented al-Mishri with a souvenir, a gilded-framed poster, saying “Consult Them in the Matter” (Quran 3:59).

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