Lesser Reasons Were Enough to Start war, Says Expert

Lesser Reasons Were Enough to Start war, Says Expert

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In a recent interview with a reporter of the ABC TV channel, Joe Biden responded positively to a question about whether he considered his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin "a killer."

Offering his best wishes for Biden’s good health, Putin had asked him to have a conversation live on air the previous day. However, White House press secretary Jen Psaki expectedly refused because of the US President's busy schedule.

Russian Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov called Biden's words "unprecedented." He indicated that nothing like this had ever happened in the history of relations between the United States and Russia. Incidentally, Biden had a chance to make up for his eventual misstep. After the US President spoke at the White House about the novel coronavirus pandemic, a reporter asked Biden in public if he would agree to Putin's offer to talk live on air. Biden didn’t say anything and, accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris, left the podium not turning around.

"Biden is making it clear that relations between our countries will be built on the principle of a regime change," Vladimir Vasilyev, the chief researcher at the Institute for US and Canada Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told wek.ru. “Apparently, he will not communicate with the Russian President. Well, if we're to assume that some rational sign was sent to us, this was exactly it.

Meanwhile, Putin tried to tone down Joe Biden's silly remark, and if possible even turn it into a joke. “It takes one to know one,” said Putin. At the same time, he noted that "this was not just a childish saying or a joke, but there was a very deep psychological meaning in it."

“Yet, wars between countries have also been started for lesser reasons," Vasilyev says. “In other times, it might have been a casus belli, i.e. a formal occasion for declaring war. It's another matter that Biden is really bad at analyzing and understanding the situation. Well, our diplomacy might play on that. In addition, we are a nuclear superpower, and it's the Presidents, not the federal assemblies, who make decisions nowadays.

Mike Pompeo, the former U.S. Secretary of State and possible future candidate for the US Presidency, in turn, said Biden's words about Putin were merely "name-calling" that was not backed up by action. If one puts the United States first and back up one’s statements with real deeds, not just words, there would be a much better chance for success, Pompeo said.

"I believe that the President will be replaced in the US before the end of this year," says Vasilyev. “The US social networks have been discussing this issue for a long time. The statements that Biden allows himself to make might move the US ruling elite forward to this. There are enough controversies and reasons in the country to send him into retirement. Today, Biden says one thing, tomorrow another... There are already a lot of the statements of this kind. There are definitely forces in the US that want him to resign. In general, I believe that today, Obama is in charge of the US Presidential administration. Now, there is already information in the country about growing contradictions between Obama's and Biden's inner circles. To my thinking, Obama's people are dreaming of making him [Biden] quit.”

God works in mysterious ways, but there have been widespread rumours that Biden is likely step down soon due to health issues. More than that, his early resignation might be caused by the above-mentioned attacks on the Russian President. The cup of patience is overflowing, and even many of Biden's colleagues are extremely unsatisfied with his performance.

According to Vasilyev, Biden has opponents not only among the members of the Republican party, including Trump supporters, but also in his own Democratic Party.

"It is likely that it is why he's positioning himself in this way. Like, I'm such a tough guy, since I can say these things about Putin!" says Vasilyev.

Today, there is a growing understanding in the US, especially among the representatives of the Democratic party in Obama's inner circle, that Biden has already served his purpose. To be more precise, he kicked Trump out of the White House. Vasilyev believes that other political forces should rule the country.

Meanwhile, recently, Joe Biden delighted the world with another blooper, naming Kamala Harris as the new US president. "When President Harris and I...," Biden said speaking about the success of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. Well, perhaps that was a Freudian slip. Apparently, Biden himself already thinks so.

"As for Kamala Harris, she is said to be in Obama’s inner circle," Vasilyev told wek.ru. "Anyway, she is likely to do what her entourage would want her to do. That is, she definitely understands what is expected of her, and, so to speak, she is the perfect intermediary. Biden's idiocy, on the other hand, does not always allow him to understand what is wanted of him and, secondly, what he himself wants.”

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