Length of Conscription Service to be Added to Time in Employment

Length of Conscription Service to be Added to Time in Employment

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A draft law submitted to the State Dume lower house of Parliament proposes to add the period of conscription service in the Russian Armed Forces to overall time in employment for early retirement.

The new legislation was brought forward by a group of deputies representing the United Russia faction in the State Duma, as well as members of the Federation Council who are also members of the United Russia party.

According to Andrey Turchak, First Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council and Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party, who is one of the authors of this draft law, the period of service in the army should be valued at no less than regular work for early retirement due to its high significance for the state and society.

“This is the right decision, but it is also belated and opportunistic,” military expert Col. (Ret.) Viktor Baranets told wek.ru. “After all, people who have their army stint missing from employed service are tired of calling on the authorities to make this decision. The state, in fact, snatches an ordinary young man out of his ordinary life and starts exploiting him for 12 months! What if he didn't manage to get into college and decided to work for a year to gain experience for his future profession? So when he, as an elderly person, comes to the pension fund to calculate his years of service, the state will pay him nothing for the period in which he served the fatherland.”

As a reminder, Russian citizens can currently retire two years before the normal retirement age. However, men must have at least 42 years of work experience and women at least 37 years, and early retirement applicants must be at least 60 and 55 years old respectively. Only periods of work and sick leave are taken into account.

“Nevertheless, it is a very good initiative,” said Baranets. “Now we will wait for this bill to pass the relevant readings and come into force. In any case, people will be grateful to our government after it is passed. I would be a liar if I didn't mention that this initiative was brought forward because it is pre-election time. Today, those people who want to get into the State Duma are ready to go to great lengths for us, the military, and promise us everything! After we elect them to the State Duma, it’s us who will have to go to great lengths to make them fulfill their election promises.”

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