Legal Wrangling in Story of Istra Widow

Legal Wrangling in Story of Istra Widow


The year 2021 is shocking for all mothers of Russia, including me, with the terrible school shootings and high-profile escape of five very dangerous criminals who simply left the detention facility in Istra, a town 40 kilometers west of Moscow.

According to the available information, they kicked out the window and just left the detention center as if they were going on some errands. The group included the killer Alexander Mavridi who murdered the “sausage king” Vladimir Marugov. Two criminal cases have been initiated: over prison break and abuse of power by employees of the Department of Internal Affairs. A police major from the Istra detention center, who had transferred Mavridi to a ward with his compatriots, was detained.

This is how Istra won a vicious reputation as a small town from the wild 1990s, where anything is possible for a small bribe to law enforcers. Of course, the case of the escape was quickly solved and the runaways were caught soon thereafter. What is done to widows in Istra remains in the shadows as they are simply ground to dust by the law enforcement system and everyone keeps silent about it. You can have your documents forged in broad day-light and be thrown out into the street from your house but these stories are hushed up. It should be said that these cases are also under the close control of the Istra police.

Istra Widow Story

Irina Antonova, a widow and mother of many children, has a house in Istra. She rented it to Vladimir Bartsakin, the owner of a taxi company who publicly presents himself as a well-connected person in Istra who can “solve” problems with law-enforcers. The 360 Podmoskovye TV channel released a detailed story about that. According to rumors, entrepreneur Bartsakin is friends with Istar police chief Colonel Arkalov. They say he is also friends with Istra City Court judges.

Let's get back to the widow of many children. One day Irina Antonova found out that the house no longer belonged to her. It had been transferred to the tenant of the house Vladimir Bartsakin. Irina Antonova went to court. An expert examination of the documents was initiated which showed that the signatures on the sale and purchase contract of the house were forged. Once again, the signatures were forged! However, this meant nothing to the court and the house was left to Vladimir Bartsakin.

Time passed by. The case was passed from one court to another. Despite the evidence, judge Bardin from Istra rejected Antonova’s claim, while Istra police initiated a criminal case against Antonova and her brother. We must give proper credit. to Antova's lawyers as their countless appeals eventually yielded results. As soon as the case was referred to the Moscow region court, it promptly issued a ruling which said that Bartsakin had no rights to the house. By that time he had already registered his child in the seized house.

The court delivered a verdict. The child was de-registered. Bailiffs came to liberate the house together with Irina Antonova's relatives. They saw that the former illegal tenant had rented the house to a group of foreign COVID-19 dissidents, who allegedly came from Tajikistan and worked in Moscow as taxi drivers. They destroyed the interior of the house and even accidentally burned down the guest house. Irina Antonova and her brother were accused of it. The Istra law enforcement system initiated criminal cases against them on Vladimir Bartsakin’s statement.

Businessman Bartsakin, along with blogger Zelimkhan, simply beat up Antonova's sister and mother in between the court hearings. Next, they beat up and kidnapped the journalist, who was miraculously saved by traffic police. However, the Istra police still do not view Bartsakin's actions as a crime. Is this possible that the head of the Istra police, Colonel Arkalov is unaware of this situation? Maybe, it is possible but it is difficult to believe. Why does Istra defend a taxi company owner who has a criminal conviction? Maybe, there is something that we do not know and cannot see? Maybe, Bartsakin is a plainclothesman who serves the law and seizes private property from mothers of many children?

For anyone interested, Irina Antonova shared the whole story in detail in her video message on YouTube, undaunted by the threats from Istra’s “well-connected businessman” Bartsakin.

Irina, may God give you strength, patience and victory! As a mother to a mother, I wish you to emerge victorious from these murky waters of Istria.

Who will save Istra?

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