Legal Claims Over Ukraine’s Crimes in Donbas Must be Filed - DPR Head

Legal Claims Over Ukraine’s Crimes in Donbas Must be Filed - DPR Head


Donetsk People's Republic Head Denis Pushilin has supported the legal action of Donbas residents Viktor Barkalov and Vadim Shulak brought in international organizations. The world should know about the scope of crimes committed by Kiev, he said.

Barkalov and Shulak are not the first to complain to international courts about the atrocities that have continued since 2014. However, no intelligible answer has been received from the International Criminal Court (ICC) or the UN so far.

“At first, these lawsuits were filed against Kiev over fatalities, non-fatal casualties and destroyed homes as a result of shelling. Later on, the complaints were forwarded to the ICC. It is difficult to say how many such lawsuits have been filed because different lawyers and non-governmental organizations helped to draw up and send them. To my thinking, there are several thousand,” said Denis Pushylin.

The outcome is uncertain; the DPR can only wait for a feedback from the international community, Pushilin added.

“It is necessary to file them so that the world knows about the scope of Kiev’s war crimes in Donbas. There are blood, tears, grief, and ruined lives behind each of these statements of claim,” he said.

Pushylin added that the DPR General Prosecutor's Office constantly updates the body of evidence of Ukraine's war crimes. As of now more than 2,000 criminal cases over crimes committed by the Kiev army and armed formations have been launched.

“They mustn’t avoid punishment,” he said.

Earlier, two residents of the DPR filed a new lawsuit in international organizations demanding that members of the Ukrainian leadership, who were guilty of genocide in Donbas, be brought to justice. Copies of the claim were also sent to the ICC, the International Court of Justice, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the UN Security Council.

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