Irkutsk Scientists Develop Generally Available COVID-19 “Express Test”

Irkutsk Scientists Develop Generally Available COVID-19 “Express Test”


After a laboratory in Irkutsk completes an express test for COVID-19, the Russians will be able to take it in any healthcare centre or private laboratory along with a CBC.

As planned, ultra-sensitive express tests for the coronavirus infection are to be developed by the scientists from the Irkutsk-based Alexei Favorsky Institute of Chemistry n.a. A.E.Favorsky.

Unlike its analogues, this test can be given without assistance from medical workers, as well as without any special procedures.

After the laboratory in Irkutsk finalizes the COVID-19 test, the Russians will have an opportunity to take it in any outpatient clinic or private laboratory simultaneously with a CBC. The method requires only a single drop of blood to determine the presence of the virus. Moreover, strips are being developed for rapid testing which will be available in general pharmacies in the near future.

Scientists have been working on the sensitivity of the test for over a month. At present, it is 10 times more sensitive than the existing analogues.

The Swiss and Chinese experts are jointly taking part in creating the test, as they provide finance and equipment for the laboratory while the Irkutsk Institute of Chemistry is engaged in its adaptation and development.

“This is absolutely inspirational,” said Yana Shevchenko, CEO of the Irkutsk Region Investment Development Agency. “We understand that here, in Irkutsk, in the center of the Earth and of our country, we are able to create something great.”

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