Changes in Russian Legislation Effective from September

Changes in Russian Legislation Effective from September


Several laws that might influence the lives of millions of Russians have come into force in September. State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin wrote about them in detail in his Telegram channel.

The novelties include a new system of paid leaves for child care, a “garage amnesty,” and strict control of gambling. In addition, experts will help those who want to quit smoking.

Sick Leave for Child Care

Sick pay for caring for a child up to the age of 7 is provided under new rules starting September. The sum of payments will not depend on the length of service and will equal 100% of average earnings. This is a consistent step to support families who have children, said Volodin. New benefits for pregnant women and single-parent families have been available since July 1.

Old Garages can be Legalized

A lot of garages were built many years ago, and some date back to the Soviet era. The Russians still use them but cannot sell or donate them, as previously it was not possible to register the ownership of the land on which the garage was located. According to Volodin, this important issue for millions of citizens has been resolved. reported that the residents who had built their garages before December 30, 2005, when the Urban Development Code came into force in Russia, could register their land plots for free.

Gambling to be Taken Under Control

There are betting firms in Russia, which operate illegally. Gambling is considered to be a most profitable business all over the world. From now on, it can only be arranged by the organizations connected to the regulator's information system. The national gambling regulator is responsible for identifying illegal bookmakers, including those who make money online. This information will be sent to law enforcement agencies. The regulator is also given the right to manage the “deductions” from illegal gambling organizers. Funds will be sent to sports federations and sports leagues.

Multiple Qualifications for Students

The state has met the needs of talented youths. Students will have the opportunity to obtain several qualifications at once as of this academic year. Now, they have the right not only to change their specialization after the second year but also, if they wish, to transfer to another department. Dissertation proposal defense has become compulsory for postgraduate students again.

E-certificates for Disabled

According to, e-certificates for handicapped citizens will be introduced from September 26. They will be able to pay for various services and buy goods by them. The e-certificate is an electronic entry in the state register to confirm that a citizen is entitled to get services and goods at the expense of state-funded organizations.

Bottled Water Must be Labeled

The authorities are tightening control over the sale and supply of bottled water. A Russian government resolution on mandatory labeling of imported water sold in Russia will come into force in the autumn. Lawmakers believe that this measure will help fight counterfeit goods.

Administrative Cases may be Appealed Against

It will be possible to appeal against administrative fines in cases of violations recorded by automatic photo or video cameras starting from September 1. You only need to file a complaint about the respective violation at the Government Services portal.

Other Novelties

Heads of student groups at secondary vocational schools and colleges will receive a bonus of 5,000 rubles ($68.70) a month as of September 1, in accordance with Russian President Vladimir Putin's directive. As is well known, this monthly bonus was introduced for class masters in the 2020-21 academic year.

This autumn the Ministry of Health launched a program to help adults who want to quit smoking. Now people can count on qualified help from general practitioners as well as specialized doctors such as pulmonologists, cardiologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and therapists.

This autumn there will also be changes to the rules for the control of medicines imported into Russia. A government resolution, which comes into force on 1 September, stipulates new rules for importing medicines. Import permits for medicines, unregistered in Russia, will be issued electronically, and can be applied for at the public services portal.

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