How Zharsky Family is Clearing its Name

How Zharsky Family is Clearing its Name


The Moscow Post had no idea what exactly the members of the noble family were doing. It turns out that four Zharsky family members are involved in the highly controversial business at once, including the aforementioned brothers Dmitry and Ilya Zharskys but the head of the family pyramid is Pavel Zharsky, the father of two sons, “prodigies.”

He is also a former high-ranking employee of Avangard Bank who served as the head of its branch.

There is also a fourth participant in this multi-episode story, Nadezhda Zharskaya. It can be assumed that this is the closest relative both of Zharsky Senior and his sons.

This is the first unexpected surprise for the investigative journalist.

The Zharskys’ obscure business originated in the Federal Nuclear Center of the Russian Federation in the city of Sarov (formerly Arzamas-16) in 1999 is the second unexpected surprise. In 1999, it was possible to break into the secure facility, in order to earn easy money, only with the help of high-ranking patrons.

There is third surprise. Rumor has it in the list of these possible patrons there are a lot of famous and bright personalities, including, first of all, Sergei Vladilenovich Kiriyenko.

In 1999, Mr. Kiriyenko held the high post of Volga Federal District Commissioner in Nizhny Novgorod. Apart from Mr. Kiriyenko, no less famous faces emerge: Sergei Shishkarev, Alexander Rachinsky, Mikhail Barkovsky, Maxim Shirokov, Pavel Ulanov, and others. All of these people, as it turned out, worked alongside with both Papa Zharsky and his talented youngsters for many years.

A correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Nizhny Novgorod region investigated the bizarre financial dealings of the Zharsky family.

Shady Company

So, what hurt the Zharsky brothers from the Veta expert group so much in the article that was published in July 2019?


Ilya Zharsky, the younger of the brothers, commented on it in a publication written, apparently on his behalf, which was published the other day on one of the sites, the owners of which have been caught in various raider seizures.


As it turned out, according to Ilya Zharsky, the company belonging to the brothers had to deal with paid publications every day.

Ilya Zharsky


What a confession!


However, they say there is no smoke without fire.

Zharsky brothers were patient, but then decided to bring the fight to the offender, because as they write in the article, business plans were under the threat, and there could be significant losses among clients and disruption of profitable contracts.


This is how the lawsuit to protect the business reputation of the Veta Expert Group was born. According to Zharskys’ financiers, the journalist from The Moscow Post deliberately and on demand decided to ruin the reputation of Zharskys’ comrades by publishing negative invented facts.

To put it simply, they dreamed the whole thing up.

Meanwhile, an expert group has been working in the market since 1999. The financial genius Paul Zharsky made the start but we will tell about this later.

Dmitry Zharsky


The office provides more than 50 services in the areas of real estate, equipment, and transport. It has shares in LLC, trademarks, intangible assets, easements and lost profits, as well as reduction of cadastral value in judicial valuation expertise and valuation of distressed and non-core assets. It advises on the value of the object of the transaction. The company has more than 2300 realized projects.

In general, they make things hum but started, as the people say, with a few microfinance organizations. However, it was risky in the nuclear-weapon city, so they moved on to another Arzamas, the one where the famous writer Arkady Gaidar lived and worked.

That is where they brought up Mirfin-Arzamas.


So, on July 25, 2019, The Moscow Post published an article by Peter Limonov under the intriguing title “Evaluation blackmail.”

Mr. Zharsky particularly disliked the following phrases: “How appraisal firms “milk” property owners by demanding a bribe from them for lowering the cadastral value of properties. ...the capital market has long flourished dubious business, based on the extraction of money from the citizens and firms of lawyers, given a harmless goal to reduce the specified in the cadastre value of real estate. Not only specializing in the evaluation of companies, but also the courts are to be accused of it.


Zharskys also did not like the following statement: “...scam appraisers get easy money thanks to a criminal scheme of cadastral value revaluation. They start to parasitize on judicial expertise.”

Meanwhile, the journalist reported that “among the unscrupulous expert organizations that are appointed by the court, and require extra money from the plaintiffs for having an expertise “favorable to them,” the market is well known for two.”

They are the Center for Business Consulting (Moscow) and the Veta firm.

According to the article’s author, “those who have engaged in corrupt games of justice, will never protect the interests of plaintiffs. They will jig to the tune of the courts ... But it is necessary to fight against such schemes ... by law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor's office.”

The Zharskys family decided to sue.

What did the court decide?

First of all, there was some confusion about the publication. The Moscow Post reprinted it from the Paritet-press website. This material was published on July 24, 2019. The reprint appeared in The Moscow Post on July 25.

As it turned out, Paritet-Press itself reprinted the material from the website. This material appeared on July 23.

The Zharsky brothers argued in court that the publication in Paritet-press was posted in February 2020.

But where did they get it from? Did it come from outer space along with a celestial body?

So, the representative of the defendant did not agree with the requirements in terms of removing the entire disputed article. But the court rejected these arguments.

As a result, the court partially satisfied the claims. Namely, it recognized the information contained in the article as untrue and discrediting the business reputation of the company. And obliged the defendant to delete the article and publish its refutation by placing the operative part of the court decision in the same font as the article under the title ‘Refutation.’ And recovered from the defendant the costs of payment of state duty.

“They didn't pay compensation for reputational damage,” Ilya Zharsky said. “The court pointed out that they hadn't proved the causal connection between the publication and the occurrence of the negative consequences. But we again applied to court for compensation of the court expenses by the defendant.”

Mr. Zharsky quoted court expenses of more than 1.27 million rubles ($20,650.2), including 1 million rubles ($16,260) for court representation, 39,874 rubles ($648.35) for the representative's travel expenses, 1,439.2 rubles ($23.4) for postage, 160,701 rubles ($2,613) for the report of a linguist, 30,000 rubles ($487.8) for the payment of the state duty and 41,800 rubles ($679.67) for notarial acts.

The court has considerably reduced the sum of costs.

The court ordered Nebohod-media to remove some of the information in the article ‘Evaluation blackmail’ within 5 days from the effective date of the court decision.

It also obliged Nebohod-Media to publish a refutation of the article on the website by posting the operative part of the judicial act in case №A56-125405/2019 in the same font as the article ‘Evaluation blackmail,’ under the heading ‘Refutation’ within 5 days from the effective date of the court decision.

The rest of the claims of the Veta firm and Business Consulting Center were denied.

The question is why was it necessary to stir up the past and now to expose themselves in the new dirty stories, when suddenly their father with a dozen odd companies and many strange connections entered to the picture?

Paul Zharsky well raised both his sons and, as it turned out, handed down Veta, created back in 1999 in the regime atomic city of Sarov.


By the way, Mr. Zharsky, as already mentioned above, worked in the notorious bank Avangard almost 20 years. He was the head of the branch.

The Avangard bank

Photo: https://xn-----dlcficucaa4azh2ak5h9f.xn--p1ai/goryachaya-liniya-banka-avangard/

Avangard at one time was mentioned in the press in connection with a high-profile scandal around rogue police, 6 officers of MUR and Vladimir Ganeyev, the head of Security Department of EMERCOM of Russia. All of them were later convicted. In particular, Novaya Gazeta wrote about it.

Bent cops stored their “honestly” earned millions, some of which some of them managed to take away just before the visit of the employees of the Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the depositories of the Avangard bank. Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote about it in detail.

The Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office officials seized suitcases with hundreds of millions in documents, belonging to a gang of rogues in uniform. It happened in 2003.

As Pavel Zharsky writes about himself in his resume? “experience in the banking sector for over 20 years. Specialist in finance, including loans to individuals and legal entities. I work with major Russian banks and financial companies. I can find the best deals, taking into account your wishes. Free advice when collecting documents and answer all questions. Please feel free to contact me.”

How can you work ineffectively for the Veta appraisal company with such strong support?

This publication is a prologue to a series of investigative journalism about the Zharsky family, conducted by our publication.

To be continued

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