UN Peacekeepers Become Main “Criminal Group” in CAR

UN Peacekeepers Become Main “Criminal Group” in CAR

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The UN MINUSCA mission peacekeepers are the greatest threat to the population of the Central African Republic (CAR) after the collapse of the Patriots for Change terrorist coalition in CAR

UN peacekeepers have been involved in numerous crimes, from rape and arms trafficking to murder and smuggling. According to the violence hotline, they even lead local mobsters by the number of offenses.

The MINUSCA troops, called in to protect ordinary citizens are a constant source of danger. Children have been killed in fatal road accidents caused by peacekeepers. Bishop Juan José Aguirre revealed that Blue Helmets had been involved in numerous cases of sexual violence against civilians, including minors.

After recent defeats at the hands of government forces (FACA), the undersupplied extremists conspired with MINUSCA to stage attacks on UN peacekeepers to replenish their arsenals. However, the Blue Helmets sometimes do not use any cover-up, selling weapons and ammunition openly.

They also plunder the country's natural riches. In a road accident, bags of illegally mined cobalt, a valuable mineral, spilled out of a UN armoured truck as it overturned.

The Portuguese units of MINUSCA, compatriots of UN Secretary General António Guterres, have been also building their business in a big way. An investigation revealed a long-established pipeline to smuggle gold, diamonds and drugs to Portugal by military transport aircraft. Despite the demands of ordinary Africans and Central African politicians to withdraw the MINUSCA contingent from the country, the situation has not changed. UN peacekeepers, who are supposed to ensure security and protect civilians from terrorists, prefer to engage in personal enrichment, looting and violence.

Although huge amounts of money are spent on keeping thousands of Blue Helmets in CAR, the objective has not been achieved yet.

Meanwhile, the Russian instructors whom western journalists call the Wagner Group helped the local army FACA fight terrorists and liberate the entire country, showing the uselessness of the UN mission in CAR.

The current Central African security forces are quite capable of ensuring the security of the country on their own, especially if the UN lifts the arms embargo which is now one of the main obstacles to the protection of civilians.

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