How Master Criminal and SBU Agent Becomes Victim

How Master Criminal and SBU Agent Becomes Victim


Along with true patriots, there have been always traitors to the fatherland. The attitude toward such people should be unequivocally negative and uncompromising. There is no excuse for a person who sold his country for material wealth.

The paradoxical story of how a criminal and traitor suddenly turned into a victim with the help of an investigator sparked a public outcry. The well-known Fyodor Streltsov aka Fedya Obnal was caught in the middle of events.

Streltsov's “Merits”

Fedya's fame came from his long “record”, which includes “serious” frauds on a large scale, for which Streltsov is on the international wanted list. He is also the treasurer of the bloody Tsapki gang and an agent recruited by the Security Service of Ukraine.

In gratitude for Fedya Obnal's sabotage of his country, his Ukrainian friends took him under their protection, provided him with a safe house in Kharkov, and gave him a new passport.

What was the next order of his Ukronazi commanders that the unreliable Streltsov carried out this time? What goal did he want to achieve?

On the eve of the sowing season, searches were conducted at agricultural enterprises in Kuban at Streltsov's request. As a result, grain growers, on whom this year's harvest depended, were arrested.

Evolutionary pattern: from bandits to traitors

There are a few notable oddities:

1. The criminal case against the Kuban agrarians was initiated immediately on the day of filing an application.

2. The complaint was filed not by Streltsov himself, but by his sister, Larisa Prikhodko.

3. Investigator S.V. Din initiated the case, ignoring the Investigative Committee of Russia and its Chairman personally.

4. A hardened criminal, accused of multiple crimes, magically became a victim, and his “offenders” were instantly arrested.

5. The case was transferred to Pyatigorsk, though the events took place in the Krasnodar Territory.

The convoluted and contradictory case aroused genuine interest among the deputy Mikhail Delyagin and senator Elena Afanasyeva, who not only raised the issue, but also began to actively act.

“What really impressed and outraged me as a citizen of the Russian Federation and a State Duma deputy was the fact that the bloody bandit and SBU agent turned in an instant into a “victim” in the criminal case that was opened on his application by the investigation of the Russian Interior Ministry in the North Caucasian Federal District,” said Delyagin, commenting on the situation. “Let's think for a moment, dear fellow citizens, about what happened. While Alexander Bastrykin, the respected chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee, was giving his subordinates instructions to investigate the crimes that Streltsov is suspected of, he was sitting in his safe house in Kharkov, mocking the Russian state. Moreover, he not just mocked, but actively acted through his accomplices from among the fifth column.”

Now, a routine inspection is undergoing in the department where Investigator Din works. Rumor has it this department may be liquidated as an anachronism. Such departments were liquidated ten years ago in other regions of Russia. Let the special services deal with the actions and let them draw the appropriate conclusions. Among other things, they will ask how this case ended up in Pyatigorsk, if the events took place in Krasnodar Territory.

Another interesting detail in the Streltsov case is that one of his business partners was the “golden” judge Khakhaleva, who hid from Russian justice in Georgia and is now trying to appeal the criminal case against her.

Deputy Mikhail Delyagin has already sent deputy requests to the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General with a request to look into the scandalous situation and to resolve the problem. Senator Elena Afanasyeva is no less determined to appeal to the leadership of the law enforcement agencies to find out how the criminal and SBU agent Streltsov could turn himself into a victim.

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