Heavy Rainfalls in South and Heat in Center of Russia

Heavy Rainfalls in South and Heat in Center of Russia

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Such popular holiday destinations as the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimea are more and more often hit by powerful cyclones in the summertime. Tornadoes swept through the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea.

As a result, seaside villages and even towns are temporarily cut off from civilization, and rescuers are bringing in everything people need. Powerful torrential rains and landslides everywhere caused the destruction of homes, roads and bridges.

This is unfortunately what June brought this year. At the end of the month, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation (EMERCOM) issued a storm warning, but, as usual, almost nobody took the threat seriously, except for emergency workers, because the weather on the coast is often fickle at this time of year.

So, it was announced about the ban to go into the sea in Anapa on June 22. All residents and guests of the resort town were warned about the impending storm. Heavy rains with hail in Krasnodar certainly presaged bad things. All the “omens"” spoke of powerful force of nature. The streets were flooded, and many Krasnodar residents moved even in inflatable boats. Wreckers were needed to remove stalled cars from the water currents.

A little later, two tornadoes came out of the sea in the Sochi area and literally swept away all the beach buildings. In particular, Neptune, a popular café, was so badly damaged that in fact it remained only ruins in its place. It is a true miracle that no one was injured in that location during the storm.

On the night of June 23, unrestrained elements reached the center of Sochi. Trees were fallen, and an overhead power line pylon collapsed on the road, completely blocking the traffic, while the seafront in the resort city was flooded, and tourists and residents of Sochi were warned about the danger of going to the coast. The Sochi National Park had to be closed because of infrastructure damage and river overflow.

Three mudslides also hit the Dzhubga highway, blocking travel along the tracks to Chemitokvadze station. Rivers overflowed and flooded about 30 households. A bridge in the village of Maryino was also destroyed. Water whirlwinds also raged near residential buildings and in the water area between the vessels in the town of Tuapse on 24 June. In two days, 26-27 June, the monthly norm of precipitation fell in Anapa, especially in the resort area of Vityazevo. Now it will be necessary to change the pipes to a larger diameter for rapid removal of water there.

Yet, there is nothing more terrible than human deaths, often occurring during the storm. Two men drowned during the storm in Arkhipo-Osipovka. When it started raining, the water of the Chemitokvadze River abruptly turned into rain, and the cars were swept into the sea like splinters. Only one man was saved. The bodies of two women and two children were pulled out of the water, and another man is still being searched for.

At present, the beaches of Krasnodar Territory have already begun to put in order all the territory, as the summer holiday season is in full swing, and in 14 settlements had to rebuild houses.

According to the Hydrometeorological Center, there will be hailstorm and thunderstorms in Kuban in the coming days. Hurricane winds are expected, and there is a risk of flooding from overflowing rivers, and in the area from Anapa to Magri, according to forecasters, tornadoes are expected again.

As for Crimea, the situation is no better. On June 25, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the republic reported that 800 people were affected by the cyclone and 2,700 residents of the region were left without electricity. Downpours flooded Trudovskoye, Perovskoye and Dobrovskoye settlements, and a yacht sank in Alushta.

Water entered the territory of 250 houses in Simferopol district, two bridges and about 20 roads were destroyed there. Dams in Ukrainka and Konstantinovka villages were broken, and pupils of Belogorsk boarding school had to be urgently evacuated. Tourists were forced to leave the region, and a state of emergency was introduced there.

Due to the prolonged incessant rainfall in the Crimea, accidents on power grids, further waterlogging, an increase in the number of traffic accidents, as well as jams on mountain passes and roads are predicted.

In Central Russia, a really hot summer has begun after a long Arctic invasion, replacing the annoying rains. In the next few days, the weekend heat will subside a bit and it will be more comfortable (24-28 °C.) In early July, by the weekend, the heat will return and temperature will rise to plus 31 °C. Then quite comfortable summer weather with some rain is expected.

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