Grandson of Oryol Region

Grandson of Oryol Region


In February 2020, a new tenant appeared in the Afanasyevsky prestigious residential complex in Moscow. According to the statement from the Federal Agency for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography (Rosreestr,) Marina Rogacheva was the owner of the apartment on the 7th floor. She is a former member of the Federation Council and the daughter of Yegor Stroyev, once an influential politician from the United Russia party.

The Afanasyevsky compound is a modern deluxe clubhouse. It is located in the very center of Moscow in the alleys of the Old Arbat district on the territory of the former Zinoviev-Yusupov estate. As part of the project, a new residential house was erected and an old 2-storey mansion was restored. Its stone chambers were a prototype of the Rostov family’s house in Tolstoy's novel ‘War and Peace.’ The historic building which is an architectural monument of the XVII century, adjoins the building of the clubhouse and serves as its exclusive decoration.

The windows from the building give a view of old Moscow, including the Cathedral of the Savior. The price of the apartment (183.7 m²) is over 200 mln rubles ($2,562,660.) In addition, Proekt media project published an article that she has a plot of land on Rublevka worth 297 mln rubles ($3,805,550.1.)

Rogacheva was a senator in 2004-2009. She had a seat in the upper house of Russian parliament as a representative of the Oryol region at a time when her father was a governor of the region. After his resignation, his daughter's political career was over, too. Before that, he also held the post of a council speaker. Against the background of allegations of fraud committed by his deputies, Stroyev left the post of governor of the region. Two days after his resignation, Alexander Rogachev Sr., his son-in-law and general of the Federal Security Service (FSB,) was killed in Moscow.

Last summer, ex-Senator Rogacheva became a founder of the Akvila 57 grain company. In January, the firm was liquidated. At present, according to the information of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, there are no assets belonging to her. Rogacheva's son Alexander became an heir to the family business empire. He is only 26 years old, but already owns two dozen companies, including Oryolstroy which brings multimillion incomes.

As we have managed to find out, Alexander Rogachev Junior, a young successful businessman, drives around Moscow in a Volvo XC90. It was bought last year for 8 mln rubles ($102,506.4.) Before that, he had had an Audi A5.

Alexander Rogachev lives in the Four Winds elite housing estate (Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street, 69) in the centre of Moscow. The apartment with an area of 221.4 square meters costs about 180 mln rubles ($2,306,394.)

The Stroyev-Rogachev family’s luxury life in Moscow is ensured by government contracts mainly in the Oryol region.

Oryolstroy, the main regional developer, was established in the early 1990s during the privatization of the Glavorelstroy state construction enterprise. Today, Alexander Rogachev, the grandson of former governor of the Oryol region, is the main owner of the company.

According to the list of affiliated persons, 63.3% of the shares of the largest construction holding company in the Oryol region are owned by the Odsk company. In its turn, it has come under Rogachev’s control recently: both directly and through Oryol Holding and AFC Chernozemye. In March this year, he received full control over the business from his grandfather. Yegor Stroyev himself has 1.5% of Oryolstroy’s shares.

In 2018, Oryolstroy took 44th place among 1,757 developers in Russia that are engaged in construction with the attraction of people' funds under agreements of participation in shared-equity construction projects. According to the Federal Tax Service, the company's annual income is 1.9 bln rubles ($24,345,270.)

Oryolstroy received a total of almost 5 bln rubles ($64,066,500.) In March, the last state contract was concluded with the administration of the Oryol district. The authorities bought apartments for orphans from the Stroyev family’s company. Moreover, the contractor was chosen on a non-alternative basis: no one was able to participate in the bidding contest except Oryolstroy.

Chances are the transaction was corrupt. Under the contract, the municipality bought 10 apartments at a price of 42,500 rubles ($544.57) per square meter. Each apartment was 32.3 square meters. On the website of the developer, apartments in the same house (General Lavrov Street, 1, building 1) are offered for 40,800 rubles ($522,78)/m2. Thus, the total cost of only this insignificant for a large company contract might have been overstated by 550,000 rubles ($7047.31.)

The government of the Oryol region and Oryol mayor's office are also among the major customers of Oryolstroy. The budget funds are also being used by the subsidiary companies of Oryolstroy Mechanization Department, SUOR, OSU-2, SU №5, the Shcherbinskie Lifty trading house, OPZHT, OREL-ZHEK, SU-1 and others. They build kindergartens, medical facilities and provide housing for the employees of the Ministry of the Interior. After these deals with the state, the family of Marina Rogacheva received another 1.5 bln rubles ($19,219.95.)

In Oryol, Rogachev has also inherited from his grandfather the Ocharovanny Strannik hotel. The local confectionery factory producing marmalade, marshmallows and ginger biscuits belongs to to the young heir, too.

At present, the Oryol region is headed by Andrey Klychkov, a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF.) However, Stroyev, a member of the United Russia, still have political influence in the region. Moreover, he has his insiders in the government. As a governor, he managed to accumulate a lot of property in the hands of his inner circle.

Today, it is time for Stroyev to hand the region down to his grandson. Young Alexander Rogachev is taking the reins of power in it: real power is transferred without any elections, just by birthright.

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