“Golden Keys” of Unrecorded Luxury Housing of Acting EMERCOM Minister

“Golden Keys” of Unrecorded Luxury Housing of Acting EMERCOM Minister

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On the morning of April 29, the long-awaited rain came to the Kurgan region. The day before, an emergency situation was declared in the region due to numerous natural fires. The region's administration and the Ministry of Emergency Situations believed that the precipitation would help to eliminate the fire, but the hopes came true only partially.

Alas, it drizzled only for a while to displeasure of the residents of the burning settlements as they rely on the Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) less than on the rain Of course, its rescuers make every effort to save people on the ground, rushing into the flames, but they are not omnipotent and are not responsible for the actions (or inaction) of their leadership, which has very different reasons to concern. To be more precise, its career.

As wek.ru reported earlier, the Emergency Situations Ministry has been functioning without a full-fledged minister for more than six months. The current head of the Ministry Alexander Chupriyan cannot get his candidacy approved in the presidential administration and still has the prefix “acting.” Obviously, there are some questions about his activities in the Kremlin. As wek.ru found out, doubts about this personnel choice do indeed have grounds.

As it became known to wek.ru, a few years ago, Alexander Chupriyan, a full namesake of the Acting Minister, who was born with him on the same day (there are no other people with such data in Moscow) became the sole owner of the apartment of 113.7 m2 on the 16th floor of a high-rise apartment on Minskaya Street, 1g building 2. This is the Golden Keys-2 elite residential complex.

It is located in the conservation area of the Setun River Valley Nature Reserve. The facades of the monolithic buildings are lined with brick of colorful shades. Elements of stained-glass windows give the high-rise structures visual lightness. The territory has an exquisite landscape design, cascade of decorative ponds, and a spring with spring water. There is even a zoo around the house to pet lamas and relax after a hard working day.

The neighborhood itself is very pricey. For example, the families of former president Dmitry Medvedev and the oligarch Alisher Usmanov bought apartments for themselves in the neighboring Golden Keys-1 residential complex.

Judging by the offers of realtors, to rent an apartment like the one owned by Chupriyan one has to pay 150,000 rubles ($2,179.05) a month. To buy one, of course, will cost even more. The seller is asking 64 million rubles ($929,728) for a smaller 100-meter apartment on the modest sixth floor. Not bad!

At the same time, Alexander Chupriyan himself has worked in the fire department all his life and has never had any official relation to the business. His wife is a pensioner. So, it remains not clear what emergency situation has brought “Golden Keys” to the official.

Maybe that is why the apartment with such an area, 113.7 m², is not mentioned in Chupriyan's declaration? In order not to raise unnecessary questions? If so, should we be surprised that Chupriyan's roommate in Golden Keys-2 is ex-Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev, convicted, what is typical, for bribery? Most importantly, is it any wonder that Chupriyan himself is still at the head of EMERCOM without any right and still continues to have the prefix “acting”? As the word is, the Kremlin understands everything.

While a full-fledged replacement is being looked for Chupriyan, the acting minister himself continues to tightly clutch high-class Golden Keys in his hands and residents of burning areas continue to lose their much more modest dwellings in flames, hoping to God and not the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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