French Media Discuss Russian PMC Successful Performance in CAR

French Media Discuss Russian PMC Successful Performance in CAR


The France 24 TV channel published the article on its website in which journalists admit that the Russian mercenaries were more successful in Africa in comparison with the French military.

The publication notes the success achieved by the Central African Republic with the support of the Russian mercenaries. Instructors, who are attributed to the Wagner Group, have prepared the local army in a short time to effectively combat the bandit groups operating in the republic. As a result of this cooperation, a coup d'état was prevented, and peace and stability returned to the country.

The 7th Infantry Battalion of the Central African Armed Forces, once under the control of the European military, is now operating in cooperation with Russian experts, France 24 experts said. According to journalists, it has actually fallen under Russian command.

On November 30, Josep Borrel, the head of European diplomacy, said that statements concerning this situation will be made at the next meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU member states, which is planned for December 13. According to journalists, these threats do not prevent the Wagner Group fighters from gaining influence and credibility in the republic. Moreover, according to France 24, the Russians have a better understanding of the needs and expectations of the local soldiers and find it easier to contact them.

Despite France's dissatisfaction, cooperation with Russian fighters is vital for the CAR. After Europe virtually refused to support Bangui, Russian instructors became the power that helped the African country to get out of a deep crisis.

France 24 drops hints that Paris' position in Mali, another country in the CAR, is also under threat. The Russians are also helping to improve the combat efficiency of the army there at the request of the local government. Journalists believe that unwillingness of the Europeans to listen to what Malian authorities are asking will lead to the development of cooperation of another state of the Dark Continent with Moscow.

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