Flight Without GPS – Federal Agency for Air Transport Recommends air Carriers to Switch to GLONASS

Flight Without GPS – Federal Agency for Air Transport Recommends air Carriers to Switch to GLONASS

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Federal Agency for Air Transport recommended the Russian airlines to prepare for flights without the American GPS satellite navigation system, said the deputy head of Rosaviation Dmitry Yadrov.

According to the document, these recommendations are associated with an increase in cases of “possible spoofing” of GPS signals and “jamming,” especially intensified after February 24.

For example, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) noted such cases in the airspace of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, northern Iraq, Cyprus, eastern Finland, countries of the Baltic Sea, Eastern Mediterranean areas, as well as the Black Sea and the Kaliningrad region.

The document signed by Yadrov states that the crews now “must be ready” to perform the procedures of takeoff and landing of the airliner, no longer related to the use of the satellite signal, and to use “duplicating means of navigation” for this purpose. That is, pilots of Russian airlines must now monitor the position of aircraft using traditional navigation aids.

Pilots employed by companies such as, for example, Aeroflot, Russia, Pobeda and IrAero have not yet recorded a single case of malfunction or failure of the GPS system. However, even with complete disappearance of such signals carriers have all possibilities for safe control of the aircraft. It should be noted that the request to prepare for flights without the American navigation satellite system is recommendatory. At least, this information was received by some media from a source in Rosaviation.

Currently, there are four global navigation systems on planet Earth: GLONASS (Russia), Galileo (European Union), Compass (PRC) and GPS (USA). The last one is, of course, controlled by the American government, and the most widespread civil airplanes all over the world have on-board systems that receive signals of the American GPS only. Apparently, this is also the reason why Roskosmos intends to send technical proposals to the Ministry of Transport and Rosaviation to replace GPS with GLONASS in Russian aircrafts.

“Today, we will send our technical proposals for replacement with GLONASS subscriber equipment that will be able to receive the navigation signal from China's Beidou orbital navigation system, with whose administration we have been successfully cooperating for eight years,” said Dmitry Rogozin, CEO of the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities.

In addition, Rogozin said that the “only solution” to the problem that has arisen will be the installation of GLONASS “in all airports” to ensure a high-precision navigation signal, and the installation of GLONASS receivers on a mandatory basis “on all our aircraft.” So, the problem, which, in fact, has not yet arisen, is already being successfully solved and will be solved soon.

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