First Truck of ZooDrug aid Leaves for Donetsk

First Truck of ZooDrug aid Leaves for Donetsk

On April 19, ZooDrug sent the first truck to Donetsk to help zoos and shelters. As part of the nationwide campaign, announced on March 31, the collection of money and food for animals was organized. During this time, people brought more than 4 tons of food for dogs and cats and made about 1.5 million rubles ($20,629.5) in donations.

The first ZooDrug truck will bring 11 tons of wheat groats, 4 tons of dry and canned food for cats and dogs, veterinary and pharmacy preparations, partitions for building enclosures and other necessary equipment for zoos to the DPR.

“ZooDrug became a real opportunity for everyone who wishes to help animals of Donbass and Mariupol, which, like people, became hostages of the hardest crisis. Everything has turned out thanks to the daily work of the members of ZooDrug organizing committee, the kind hearts of volunteers and every campaigner. I would like to thank Ekaterina Martyanova, deputy head of the Public Chamber of the DNR, for her assistance. The coordinated work of the Civic Chambers of Russia and the DPR is especially important in these difficult days,” said Elena Sharoykina, initiator of the ZooDrug campaign and chairwoman of the Commission on Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. “Our distribution center in the DPR will be PIF, the largest shelter in the republic. Help will arrive in time for Easter, which is very joyful. Mercy will also be extended to all creatures great and small.”

The ZooDrug truck set off from the building of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, which has become the center of unification of a number of animal protection organizations. The organizing committee includes representatives and volunteers from the Moscow Society for the Protection of Animals, the GBR. Zoozaschita Center for the Protection of Animals, the Svoya Staya Rehabilitation Center for Stray Dogs, the Forest Shelter Charity Fund for Animals, the Nika Charity Fund for Stray Animals, the Ryadom Whale Protection Fund, Charity Fund, the Russian Biological Society All-Russian Public Organization, Russian Canine Federation, etc.

“Zoos are repositories of the gene pool of wildlife. Many Red Book species and animals protected by international conventions live there. The loss of these species could affect the overall population. Animals are beyond politics, they must always be helped, regardless of the situation,” said Valeria Averkieva, President of the Russian Biological Society.

“Watching the chronicles, we constantly see our fighters accompanied by dogs, and local residents who are hiding in basements do not part with their pets. Just as during the Second World War, people share their last piece of bread with them. Because these animals are the most important link to a peaceful life, kindness and mercy,” said, in turn, Kirill Goryachev, Vice-President of the Moscow Society for the Protection of Animals.

In addition to sending a truck to Donetsk, members of the organizing committee of the All-Russian ZooDrug campaign also provided Mariupol Zoo with veterinary drugs, electrodes for welding and financial means. In addition, 20 dogs and 22 cats from the Home of Angels shelter in the Kharkov region and 10 dogs from Donetsk were brought to Russia. They were looked after by the Svoya Staya center, Lesnoy Shelter and the Nika Foundation. The animals have already found families in Russia. A total of 350 kg of food for dogs, cats and parrots were donated to the temporary accommodation centers in Vladimir and Ulyanovsk, and also sent 243 kg of food to the Donetsk-based Four Paws shelter, which takes care of 600 dogs and 100 cats.

“I would also like to thank our media partners and all the media who cover the all-Russian campaign to help zoos and shelters in Donbass and Ukraine ZooDrug. Only joint efforts help those who need it so much today,” said Elena Sharoykina.

The ZooDrug help point operates in the public center for collecting humanitarian aid for the inhabitants of Donbass in the building of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on Miusskaya Square.

The Vedomosti newspaper, RIA Novosti, the Argumenty i Fakty weekly, the Vzglyad business newspaper and the online media outlet are the information partners of the all-Russian ZooDrug campaign.

All the information about the accepted help and news can be found in the official Telegram channel of the All-Russian ZooDrug campaign:

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