February Novelties in law

February Novelties in law

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Speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin announced 8 new laws in his Telegram channel that will come into effect on February 1. They are related to the indexation of pensions and maternity capital, protection of the cost of living, penalties for alcoholic beverages and tobacco if they are not labeled, as well as life imprisonment for pedophiles.

Millions of Russian pensioners have been waiting for the law on the indexation of pensions. After all, it was this category of citizens who found themselves the least protected when the prices of even bread-and-butter products and basic services went up. Earlier, it was announced that the insurance pension of non-working pensioners would be indexed above inflation, namely by 8.6%.

Pensions were increased by 5.9% in January, so in February pensioners will be paid the difference between the January surcharge (5.9%) and the amount that they are entitled to by law, i.e. an 8.6% increase in pensions.

A law that guarantees that a citizen will receive the subsistence rate, which is established for working Russians, also comes into force in February. To be more precise, if a person's wages and other income as a whole do not exceed the subsistence minimum, then no deductions can be made from this amount under executive documents. In this case, debtors should write a corresponding application to the Bailiff Service, specifying the details of their bank accounts. The minimum income of a citizen must remain unchanged.

There are still many residential buildings in Russia that have been declared unsafe. Buyers do not always find out about this in time when purchasing secondary housing. Subsequently, those who bought housing have a lot of issues because of this. That is why a law was passed, which obliges local authorities to send data to the Russian State Register that the house is recognized as an emergency, in need of reconstruction, or is subject to demolition. The Unified State Register of Real Estate will accumulate this information. When buying a home, a citizen of the Russian Federation will be able to order the appropriate certificate about the category of the building in which he plans to buy real estate.

Since the state pays constant attention to families raising children, the amount of maternity capital will be indexed by 8.4% starting from February 1. Now, one will receive 524,500 rubles ($6,842.63) for the first child. With the birth of the second child, one can get the assistance of up to 693,100 rubles ($9,042.18), but provided that the family had not previously received the maternity capital for the firstborn. If the maternity capital was received, the payment will be less and amount to 168,600 ($2,199.56). In addition, a lump sum benefit for a child, which is assigned to the family at his birth, will also be indexed.

In addition, payments to veterans and other benefits will be indexed in February.

Violence against children has been always a source of public resentment. Perpetrators of child sexual abuse now will be put in jail for the rest of their lives. That is the punishment for those who commit such crimes repeatedly or have two or more minors affected. The penalty of life imprisonment will also be applied to citizens who commit sexual violence against children in conjunction with other serious or extremely serious crimes.

Control over products that are not labeled is also being tightened. In particular, this applies to alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. Legal entities are to be fined up to 500,000 rubles ($6,523.) Transportation of such unmarked products entails administrative responsibility.

More and more attention is paid to the control of atmospheric emissions. According to scientists, air pollution is one of the reasons for global climate warming on the planet. Production plants must be equipped with special devices that automatically register atmospheric emissions. Since February fines are introduced for the absence of these systems or their untimely installation. The officials could be fined up to 40,000 rubles ($521.84) and the legal entities up to 200,000 rubles ($2,609.2.) An enterprise can be fined if the control systems are installed in violation of the requirements or if incorrect data are transmitted to the state register.

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