Expert Tells What the Best Foods are to buy During Pandemic

Expert Tells What the Best Foods are to buy During Pandemic


Experts believe that if you arrange your diet properly and include several useful products in it, you will go through these difficult times not just smoothly, but also with some benefit for your health.

The world pandemic of the coronavirus infection has not only taken hundreds of thousands of people around the world to hospital and has already claimed more than 190,000 lives. It also affects the lives of other billions of people -- those who stay healthy but who are forced to stay at home under lockdown regulations. Obviously, many people are worried not only about their financial stability because they are unable to work properly or to work at all, but also about their health. Today, people’s physical activity is noticeably limited, and they are getting less fresh air. Moreover, their nutrition consists of foodstuffs that they were only able to find in the supermarkets during their last outdoor trip.

However, experts believe that if you arrange your diet properly and include several useful foodstuffs in it, you may survive this time not just smoothly, but also with some benefit. Oksana Tumadin, a psychologist, a sociologist and an expert in health-improving practices, told what foods are desirable for self-isolation.

To stay healthy and active during the self-isolation, let’s go over the products on our table. In addition to get some useful vitamins and micronutrients, we will boost our immunity.


Water is an indispensable product for life. Drink at least two liters of lukewarm water. It will help remove toxins, keeping metabolism and your body in the normal condition.

Protein Foods

It is important to include protein in your diet. For example, red or dietary meat and legumes -- various beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils. Fatty fish -- sardine, salmon, mackerel and others-- is a great choice, too:

Vegetables and Salads

The combination of carrots and sour cream in a salad, spinach, parsley, cabbage (sauerkraut as an option), dark green vegetables and broccoli will boost your hemoglobin. You can cook natural juice from beetroot and carrot. Also Use sweet pepper and celery (from Russian manufacturers if you are in Russia), onion, garlic, horseradish and ginger. They have antiviral properties.

It is better to use unrefined oil for making salads and hot dishes as it contains vitamins and micronutrients.

Fruits and Berries

Preparing dried fruit drinks and fresh fruit drinks with frozen cranberries and other berries will be one more excellent solution.


Primarily use cereals that are rich with iron which is necessary to increase hemoglobin. These are buckwheat, barley and rye. Oatmeal, corn, couscous, and bulgur are perfect for strengthening immune system and speeding up metabolism.


Dark chocolate will replenish your body's iron stores. Cocoa beans contain large amounts of iron.


I recommend adding Indian spices to the sauces. Especially turmeric is of a great help. It only colors the food without imparting any taste but its benefits are tremendous: it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Add some garlic and ginger, and your dishes will be not only tasty, but also healthy.

Nuts and seeds

For snacks use walnuts with honey and sesame. Only one teaspoon will boost not only your hemoglobin, but also provides you with calcium. It is necessary for the health of hair, nails and bones. Sesame can also be used in salad dressings. Add different seeds to your snacks – especially pumpkin seeds. They not only help strengthen the immune system but also cleanse the body of parasites and stimulate the intestines. Include halva in your diet -- it contains both iron and other useful micronutrients and vitamins.

Herbal Teas

The herbal teas can replace regular ones. I recommend adding a brew of calendula.


In the morning:

Drink two glasses of warm water with lemon in the morning on an empty stomach – you immediately energize your metabolism.

Before going to bed: a glass of warm milk with turmeric.

During the day:

Drink two litres of warm water. Calendula tea: 1 tsp. for 400 ml. For example, it can be brewed in a thermos, and consumed for up to a month. After six months, you may repeat the course again.

Be careful in selecting products and their quantity.

Do not overeat and do not eat fatty food rich in calories. Avoid sweet with trans fats and genetically modified products as they reduce immunity. Read food labels to be sure that there are no additives improving taste and extending date of expiry. Remember the old times when there were only fresh products on the table with a short shelf life. Otherwise the body's energy will be wasted on digesting and removing toxins. Avoid or cut down on canned foods, as well as salted and smoked foods.

Stay healthy!

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