Expert Names Best Ways to Strengthen Immune System During Pandemics and Lockdown

Expert Names Best Ways to Strengthen Immune System During Pandemics and Lockdown

Oksana Tumadin, a psychologist, a sociologist and an expert in health-improving practices, has told how to boost immunity in conditions of pandemic and self-isolation.

The pandemic of the coronavirus infection has affected the lives of almost everyone on Earth. The Russians, many of whom are being forced to stay at home, also felt all the “positive sides” of the restrictions imposed due to the threat of COVID-19 spread. Meanwhile, there are no drugs and vaccines against COVID-19. Experts say that even in the case of rapid development of these drugs it will take a lot of time to conduct their clinical trials. Therefore, each person has only to rely on the ability of his or her own body to resist the virus.

Oksana Tumadin, a psychologist, a sociologist and an expert in health-improving practices, told how to boost your immunity in conditions of pandemic and self-isolation regime.

Today, it is necessary to activate your immune system. So, we are going to use all the methods currently available for this purpose.

1. Fresh air is needed.

Ventilate your apartment more often.

2. Physical and breathing exercises.

Open your chest and do arm circles; then change direction.

Add more exercises to distribute energy throughout the body. Imagine that you are doing boxing. Use your hands to reduce tension in the whole body. Do not clench your fists – relax your hands and shake them loose until you feel the energy and lightness.

Free your whole body from stagnation. In the same way relieve the tension on each foot. In doing so, the whole body will relax, and the energy will start circulating correctly.

Always breathe in with your nose and mouth during all the exercises. The 'ha' sound is cleansing as if the whole body exhales -- it is involved in the exhalation.

3. Drink water and stay hydrated

Drink at least two liters of warm water per day. Water helps keep the body's secretion systems in the normal condition.

To restore the function of the excretory system for toxins removal, I recommend brewing up calendula grass (marigold flowers). You can brew 1 bag or 1 tsp. for 400 ml and drink it during the day between meals.

There are a lot of herbs that make us feel better. Before you choose one, please, read everything about it to be sure that it suits you personally. You should not overdo with herbal teas and brews.

For example, Echinacea should not be used for more than 10 days but it is a good antibiotic and it suppresses the reproduction of fungi and pathogenic bacteria. For children, you can make tea from linden, fennel or rosehip. You can also divide herbal teas for strengthening the immune system and for cheerful mood. In the evening, it is more preferable to drink natural teas so that you can drink your way to calmness and relaxation.

Preparing dried fruit drinks and fresh fruit drinks with frozen cranberries and other berries collected from our wonderful land will be one more excellent solution. Our soil is rich with all the microelements and vitamins we need in autumn, winter and spring.

Do not forget about black tea with ginger and lemon. You can grate ginger, put lemon juice and honey and add this mixture to your tea or swallow a spoonful of it.

You can combine ginger, honey and sesame. Sesame is indispensable in the process of raising hemoglobin and strengthening immune system. It contains a complex of all the necessary micro-elements and vitamins for the body.

4. Regulate hemoglobin and boost immunity

So, we have normalized the blood flow. Blood carries and delivers oxygen to all cells in our body. Hemoglobin is an essential iron-containing protein in the blood. Its deficiency causes weakness and fatigue that reduces immunity.

The absorption of hemoglobin is highly dependent on the acidity of gastric juice, the right combination of products among themselves and the condition of the intestines. In the previous article, we wrote what products should be on our table.

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