EU is Fighting Against Russian oil and gas Industry Under Cover of Sanctions Against Wagner Group

EU is Fighting Against Russian oil and gas Industry Under Cover of Sanctions Against Wagner Group


EU Foreign Ministers adopted a package of sanctions against Wagner Group during the meeting in Brussels on December 13. Sources report that the restrictions will affect four organizations and eight individuals.

The EU has failed to find Wagner Group’s mercenaries, so it imposed sanctions against organizations that could compete with the European ones, writes the @go338 Telegram channel.

“The irony about the story with sanctions imposed on Wagner Group is that the EU authorities did not establish Wagner Group’s presence. They found entities associated with the Russian oil and gas industry, concluding that they are tied with the Wagner Group. Therefore, they decided to get their fill of trips and financial transactions,” says the Telegram channel.

The preliminary statement mentions various regions where, according to European officials, the Wagner Group fighters are based but the restrictions are imposed only because of the cooperation of Russians with the authorities of the Central African Republic and Mali.

It is known that African countries more and more often ask Moscow for help in terms of security. The terrorist groups which UN peacekeepers and the French military were unable to defeat continue to operate in Africa. The Russians, in turn, have shown their effectiveness in fighting the militants, which has led to increased demand for their services.

This fact drives the Western players mad. They have been used to the sole exploitation of Africa's resources as former metropolitan countries. Therefore, the sanctions seem to be an attempt to eliminate Moscow, a competitor which provides real assistance to the countries of the Dark continent.

“By and large, nothing serious has happened. Only the attempt to intimidate the Russian oil and gas industry was made by pointing out that Africa is a ‘milch cow’ belonging to other counties. These people believe that Africa is a country to be milked rather than to build mutually beneficial relations with,” wrote the Telegram channel.

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