Equatorial Guinea's Government Delegation is Holding Talks in Moscow

Equatorial Guinea's Government Delegation is Holding Talks in Moscow

Photo: https://www.profiz.ru/

According to flight tracking services, the Boeing belonging to the government of Equatorial Guinea arrived in Moscow. It is usually used by the country's leadership.

The information on the members of the delegation, the purpose of the visit and the planned meetings is not yet available. The Foreign Ministry has not announced the arrival of the delegation.

A few days ago, the article on the increasing terrorist threat throughout the African continent was published in Guinee Matin. It is Equatorial Guinea that is at the greatest risk, according to experts of the Institute of Economics and Peace whose report the publication refers to.

Major General Fausto Abeso Fuma, chief of staff of the Air Force of Equatorial Guinea, blames France for undermining the country's security, reporting several coup attempts. This is the source of concern to the elites of the country, where President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has ruled for more than 40 years. The death of the leader is likely to lead to a power struggle between several different factions, says Fuma.

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