Environmental Battle is Going on

Environmental Battle is Going on

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Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the budget allocated by Moscow City for urban amenities and the maintenance of ecological stability has been significantly reduced.

It goes without saying that financial aid to essential segments of people’s lives must be made the top priority. However, it should be reminded that people are inextricably bound up with nature. In an urban environment, it becomes of particular importance.

Earlier, wek.ru has already written about the fearless struggle that Anton Kulbachevsky, the head of Moscow's Department for Environmental Management and Protection, is leading to maintain and increase the volume of the programmes related to the Russian capital's environmental state. Under constant pressure and in the conditions of endless obstacles, Kulbachevsky more or less managed to repel the attacks. Thanks to his professionalism, extensive managerial experience and, last but not least, his arguments, he reached out to the Moscow authorities and carried out his plans. Kulbachevsky’s efforts are of significant benefit to Moscow. This fact made him extremely popular among the ordinary people. They began to consider him as a candidate for next mayor of Moscow. Perhaps it was why the heads of other departments turn against Kulbachevsky, the director of the Moscow City Department for Environmental Management and Protection. Probably, they felt threatened by him. After all, as mayor, Kulbachevsky would never allow them to stay in power. Meanwhile, there is a lot of talking in closed communities on social nets and public platforms about his possible nomination for the mayor’s office by citizens action groups.

The year of 2020 was an extremely difficult one and the Department for Moscow Environmental Management and Protection had to choose which projects would be implemented and which would not. Most of them ended up being delayed by a year or two. In reality, it could be an environmental disaster for the city. Is it possible to delay the restoration of green spaces, the revitalizing of sick trees, removal of dumps, the cleaning up of natural water reservoirs, and improvements in park areas? After all, these are not just paths and benches but also recreational facilities for the city’s entire environment. Rumor has it that Pyotr Biryukov, the Deputy of Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin for Housing and Communal Services and Public Works, abused his powers and used connections to affect the allocation of budgetary funds so that Kulbachevsky would not be able to fully operate the department. As a result, all projects have been postponed indefinitely. Moscow Mayor is obviously indifferent to city’s issues that are not related to the construction of new roads and underground stations. Moscow's ecology is matter of concern only for its residents and Kulbachevsky. Apparently, the Moscow authorities have begun their dirty game against the only man of merit among the city officials.

Fortunately, Kulbachevsky will not have to fight alone. Well-informed sources say opposition deputies Mikhail Timonov and Lyubov Nikitina might also support him in this cause. We believe that the Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service (Rosprirodnadzor) represented by Svetlana Rodionova, the head of this department, and influential people in the Presidential Administration who have been eyeing Kulbachevsky for a long time and are clearly arranging a position for him in the presidential inner circle will not stay aside as well. This fact will certainly infuriate both Biryukov and Sobyanin.

In the near future, Russia might become witnesses of another fight. Chances are as a result, the caring people who wish not only to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic but also to live in an environmentally protected, clean and prosperous city and not in a concrete box without the restrictions to wear face masks which obstruct breathing, will win a momentous victory together with the only worthy leader Kulbachevsky.

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