Employment of Russians may be Legislatively Provided by State

Employment of Russians may be Legislatively Provided by State

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The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation has submitted a working draft of the law ‘On Employment’ for approval to the experts, the concept of which was presented back in February 2022.

According to the idea of the Ministry of Labor, this draft should primarily change the legislation, which at the moment does not always meet the current conditions of the labor market. So, it is quite possible that it will come into force on January 1, 2023.

Representatives of the expert community are now actively studying the new norms of the future document. Although it is too early to talk about any specific parameters now, we can already say with certainty that the draft law is in a high degree of readiness.

Moreover, at present, it is already known about the beginning of formation of the individual plan of assistance to employment. Such an initiative will be undertaken by the employment services, which will conduct special profiling tests with applicants, taking into account their field of activity, as well as their age and gender. The fundamental point here is that this will serve as the basis for the accrual of unemployment benefits, but the failure of citizens to comply with this plan will simply lead to the termination of payments.

It should be noted that a special register will be created for employers who hire employees illegally, as the future bill establishes the right of the government to approve a plan to combat the so-called shadow hiring.

In addition, the new bill gives the right to individual entrepreneurs and self-employed citizens to be registered in the employment service, and in case of liquidation of the individual enterprise they will be able to receive benefits. In fact, for these categories of citizens will be introduced a special calculation of unemployment benefits.

This document also provides for the formation of a non-profit organization, which will include representatives of the state and the platforms (platform employment is the system of relationships of the self-employed and individual entrepreneurs with companies like Sberbank or Yandex). It will be called the Digital Employment Platform Cycle Council. This association will consider the complaints of the self-employed, develop quality standards for services, and check the very pricing situation in this market.

In addition, the new law emphasizes “international cooperation in the sphere of labor,” which will be carried out on the basis of the expansion of opportunities for Russian citizens to access labor markets of foreign countries.

According to Alexander Safronov, Professor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, there are “a lot of interesting and good initiatives” in this draft, but this document needs to be finalized taking into account the opinion of the professional community.

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