Russia’s Prosecutor General Lines Up Corruption by Rank

Recent report by Igor Krasnov, the Prosecutor General of Russia, explores the criminal situation in the country, as well as contains data on corruption.

Crown for Pharm Kings

Russian Health Ministry has issued a license for the medication to treat COVID-19. The drug Levilimab (having the invented name Ilsira) is produced by the BIOCAD company. Initially, the drug was developed for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Increasing Retirement age is Causing Problems, Says State Duma Deputy

Oleg Shein, State Duma deputy from A Just Russia faction and a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Labor and Social Policy, said that the COVID-19 pandemic might also affect the situation.

Labor Ministry Predicts Sharp Increase in Unemployment in Russia

According to Anton Kotyakov, Minister of Labor and Social Security of Russia, the number of officially unemployed Russians might reach 2.5 mln people in the future. According to the calculation methodology of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the total number of the unemployed is likely to be almost twice as large, that is, about 5 million people.

Commercial Aviation: Flight is Delayed

At the initiative of ATO Events company, 350 aviation experts and representatives of financial organizations have recently taken part in a video conference to discuss an acute issue of how commercial aviation will operate in the future.

HR Specialist Alena Vladimirskaya: Companies are Preparing for two Waves of Layoffs

“In general, our clients expect two waves of layoffs: one in June and July when the quarantine is lifted, and the second one in September,” said Alena Vladimirskaya.

Artemy Troitsky: Elites are Doing a Sacrifices of Putin to Serve Their Interests

“I believe that the elite are going to make an attempt to compromise Putin's popularity rating rather than share out the monies from the National Wealth Fund,” believes Russian publicist Artemy Troitsky. “That is exactly what they are trying to do – to talk Vladimir Putin by all means out of providing the residents with financial aid.”

Economist Sergei Guriyev Predicts When Russian Economy to Recover after Epidemic

“The official forecast for Russia should be made by the Ministry of Economic Development,” said Sergei Guriyev. “But if you visit their website, you will see that no forecasts have been published there recently.”

How Money is Withdrawn from Togliattiazot. Part 2. Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Fictitious Construction Contracts

We continue publishing a series of investigations about the channels for withdrawing profits from PJSC Togliattiazot, one of the largest industrial enterprises in the Samara Region.

Russian Academic Says Governmental Greed Main Problem in Russia During Pandemic

According to Maxim Mironov, professor of finance at IE Business School in Madrid, greed of the government is the main problem in Russia. Apparently, the officials are reluctant to use the finances accumulated in the Stabilization Fund.

How Money is Withdrawn from Togliattiazot

Making products that are always in demand all over the world – ammonia and urea, Togliattiazot is one of the largest enterprises in the Samara region. The situation in which the plant found itself looks even more puzzling – its name is more and more often mentioned either in connection with criminal chronicle or with emergency incidents.

Is Supervisor Lukyanova from Local Rostekhnadzor Sabotaging Inspection of Federal Watchdog?

It is surprising how often the efforts that the federal authorities make to restore order in any sector are undermined by corruption, incompetence, and slovenliness of top regional executives.

Aeroflot Tells When International Flights Could be Resumed

Yulia Spivakova, an official spokesperson of the Russian flag carrier Aeroflot, has told Rossiya-24 TV Channel about the approximate dates of resumption of international air traffic.

Fonbet Make a Gift to Mishustin for his Recovery

Following the information about the Prime Minister’s expected recovery, the scandalously famous bookmaker Fonbet refused to accept state support thereby making a gift to Mikhail Mishustin. “We don’t need financial assistance from the state now,” the company proudly stated, as if not noticing that it had already been removed from the list of those who need it.

Political Scientist: Lockdown May Bring More Damages than Coronavirus Epidemic Itself

In the future, there will be the so-called “carriers’ phase:” people continue to get infected but most of them will be asymptomatic. However, people from risk groups will be still affected – this refers to those who have an enfeebled immune system or chronic diseases.