Wanted Russian Businessman With Cypriot Passport and Three Firearms Licenses

Grave questions regarding a Russian citizen who also obtained the citizenship of Cyprus under the Citizenship for Investment program (canceled by the government of Cyprus in 2020 due to numerous violations – ed. note) have occurred in connection with the report of the special commission.

Kostyukov's Empire, or How to Earn Millions on Housing and Utilities

COVID-19 pandemic which mobilized the Russian economy and society became a game-changer for several sectors and spheres of life. These days, special responsibility fell on doctors, drivers, energy, social and public utility workers who all came under pressure.

“Borsch Kit” Price Falling

As early as the end of July, prices of the main ingredients of the so-called “borsch kit” are expected to fall, the Ministry of Economic Development reported citing agriculture officials who said that the new harvest would decrease prices.

Central Ring Road Launched

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently launched traffic on the final section of the Central Ring Road (CRR). He attended the opening ceremony at the CRR Control Centre to give the green light to the traditional convoy of trucks with state flags.

Might Building Materials Prices Stop Rising?

Contrary to predictions, the prices in the Russian market of building materials are increasing. First of all, for lumber, PVC products, bricks, and concrete.

Nizhny Novgorod is Russian Silicon Valley

Popular journalists like Yury Dud are unlikely to come to Nizhny Novgorod to shoot a video about its Silicon Valley, but it is definitely worth visiting. During the Soviet times its enterprises and universities became the pioneers in many areas that gave rise to today's high technologies.

Krasnoyarsk Territory Farmers’ Gains and Losses in “Pandemic Year”

The agricultural sector of the Yenisei regions wrapped up the COVID-19 pandemic year with serious losses in some areas and improvement in certain indicators, with the exception of Khakassia agribusinesses that were in steep decline.

Sentenced to Labor

The Russian government plans to use convicts’ labor to meet a shortfall in migrant workers in the construction sector, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin told Russia-24 Channel.

“Skeleton” in the Pipe

RUSAL, a leading company in the global aluminum industry, and SGK, a power holding and a part of the SUEK coal and energy company, have finally agreed to voluntarily provide the authorities of the Krasnoyarsk territory with online data on their emissions. They are planning to do it step by step.

Novosibirsk, Siberia’s Stock Market Hub

Novosibirsk companies that issue corporate bonds control more than half of this sector in Siberia. Residents of the Novosibirsk region actively open and use broker’s accounts.

Vicious Circle of Preferential Mortgage

Russian authorities extended an anti-crisis mortgage program by one year. At the very least, it means that housing prices are unlikely to decrease. Also, ordinary citizens remain skeptical about the measure to support the industry.

Flight Attendants’ Ups and Downs

"...As reliable as the entire civil fleet." This line from a song of the Soviet-era bard Vladimir Vysotsky refers to flight attendants, their conspicuous professional politeness and readiness to fulfill any whim of passengers. Do we often reflect on how difficult this apparent effortlessness is?

Aeroflot Shows up in Siberia When all Hard Work is Done

Russian flag carrier Aeroflot has launched an international hub in Krasnoyarsk, the second after Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow. Though it only services domestic flights at the present time, plans are in place for international connections.

Will Building Materials Price Increase Stop?

Сonstruction materials prices have skyrocketed in Russia. The surge began last year during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, timber and metal are clear price hike leaders.

Why is Microlender Collecting Russian Debtors’ Personal Data?

Debtprice, a new player that has emerged on the Russian debt market would hardly deserve attention but for its aggressive strategy. Its dedicated website, debtprice.market, says that no commission is charged for services provided to debt sellers or buyers.