Quest for Tourists

The authorities of the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea have started summarizing the interim results of the tourist season, which is under a ban on flights to the south of Russia. According to official data, the hotel occupancy of the Crimean resorts is about 50%, and the holiday season seems to have failed.

No Need to Hang Losses on State

A very interesting article on tax administration has been recently published but it does not take into account modern trends. In recent years, the tax authorities have developed more condoning attitude towards violations by taxpayers, even though the lion's share of the so-called small businesses is created for the sole purpose of profiting at the expense of the state.

Government to Support Non-Working Pensioners

More than 10 billion rubles ($163,110) will be allocated to Russian regions for additional payments to non-working pensioners, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Retailers to Give Year Warranty on for Parallel Import Electronics

The Association of Internet Commerce Companies (ACIT) reported that gadgets, appliances and electronics imported into Russia through parallel imports will have a one-year warranty. On June 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on parallel imports, under which Russian businesses are exempt from liability for importing goods into the country without the permission of copyright holders.

Biometric Data to make Loan Process go Faster

Biometric data will now be included in the mobile applications of banks by order of the Central Bank of Russia, according to the drafting instructions ‘On the criteria for mobile applications of banks with a universal license.’

EU may Lift Sanctions Against Transit to Kaliningrad

Seemingly, the European Union will implement the long-awaited agreements with Russia on the transit of cargo through Kaliningrad. Brussels has provided a document stating that it is impossible to limit the movement of cargo between parts of the Russian Federation.

Aeroflot Employees are Afraid of Layoffs due to Reforms

On July 5, the Aeroflot flag carrying airline informed about the transfer of production facilities and human resources, which are part of the maintenance department, to the A-Technics specialized company. In connection with this reform employees of Aeroflot are afraid of reductions and have addressed a letter to the Russian President.

Corruption in Road Construction

“There is a large share of corrupt spending in Russia,” said Anton Shaparin, Vice President of the National Automobile Union. That it, there is a massive stealing of public money.

How 1xBet in Ukraine Exposes its International Financial Network

1xBet, an online gambling company banned in Russia, has apparently donated 1 million euros to help Ukraine. Whether it was done for humanitarian purposes or for supporting the fight, the answer to this question seems to depend on which side of the barricades you are on.

No Russian Crabs for Japanese

Japan is concerned at the fact that Russia canceled a bilateral agreement under which Japanese fishermen could freely fish and crab in the waters of the Southern Kurils.

Zangezur Corridor

Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine, the largest molybdenum deposit, is on the verge of a break not literally but politically. “The Zangezur corridor is already becoming a reality,” Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at the sixth Caspian Summit.

One of “Novoogarevo Case” Defendants to go at Large With Clear Conscience

Dmitry Torchinsky, a defendant in the notorious “Novoogarevo case” of embezzlement of funds for the reconstruction of the Russian president's residence in Novo-Ogarevo, may be released from prison one of these days, write Telegram channels.

Svyaznoy Begins Selling “Parallel Imports” Goods

Goods whose manufacturers have left the Russian market began to be shipped to Russia with the help of parallel imports, according to media reports. New models of Samsung watches and smartphones, iPhones, as well as various game consoles Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and other models are available in the Svyaznoy store chain.

Are There any Replacements for Coca-Cola and IKEA on Russian Market?

Coca-Cola HBC has officially announced its withdrawal from the Russian market, according to media reports. The sale of beverages under this brand will be stopped. The day before, Swedish company IKEA also announced that it was leaving the Russian market.

Kaliningrad Transit: European Bureaucrats Seem to Make U-Turn

There is enough capacity to transport cargo to Kaliningrad, said Anton Alikhanov, Governor of the Kaliningrad Region, commenting on restrictions on the transit of sanctioned Russian goods.