Why is Price of Saury Soaring?

In Russia, canned saury is one of the favorite foodstuffs among people thanks to its taste and acceptable price. However, the price of a can of saury has recently spiked above the level of 150 rubles ($2.02.)

Russian ski Resort to be Transformed Into “Siberian Switzerland”

The destiny of the Sheregesh ski resort, located in the Kemerovo region in southern Siberia has caught the eye of Russia’s governmental circles. At the beginning of the year, Vladimir Putin instructed the government to work out a development plan for Kuzbass, including Sheregesh, by the end of March.

Once you start squeezing you can’t stop…who really sets the rules for Russian businessmen?

There is no such thing in Russia as a get-out-of-jail-free card. Everybody can get there. Not easy to get out. As the founder of the KGB Felix Dzerzhinsky used to joke, "Lack of criminal records is not your merit, but just our fault." The sword of Damocles hangs over almost every successful domestic entrepreneur.

In Civil Aviation, Costs are High and Effective Demand is low

According to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, civil aviation has a special place in Russia’s transport complex as the development of regions and regular life of millions of people depend on its transparent and efficient operations.

Bill Comes in Threes

In January, the residents of Krasnoyarsk, a major industrialized city in south-central Siberia, started receiving heating bills. The figures they saw there outraged many. When people pay 'as you go,' heat is increasingly becoming a luxury item. The confused authorities and heat supply companies offered to pay ‘as much as one can,’ saying the rest could be paid afterwards.

RNG: Rising Star of Oil Production in Eastern Siberia by founders of Taas-Yuryakh - Reuters News

RNG, a private player in the sparsely populated oil market of Eastern Siberia, surfing on the wave of difficulties that hit the industry in 2020: the company, whose shareholders are under investigation, is increasing production and discovering fields, building a difficult relationship with the state giant Rosneft.

Not by Bread Alone

Complex for deep processing of grain will be built in the Krasnoyarsk territory. In terms of its gross harvest, the area has reached the Soviet level. It has significant surpluses for high value-added products.

Russian Oligarch Hits Aluminum Industry Where It Hurts

New aluminum smelter in the Irkutsk region will be put into operation in the next few months. Its construction seemed to be endless. RUSAL, the world's second largest aluminum company in terms of primary product output attracted a large loan to complete the project

Prices Hinge on Arbitrariness of Trade Monopolies, Says Expert

Chicken meat is known to be particularly popular with the Russians. This fact is easy to explain as its prices are more or less affordable, especially in comparison with beef or pork. In addition, it is chicken that is the cheapest source of animal protein.

Penza Region Might be Filled up With Waste

In 2021, a waste recycling plant is to be built near Penza [a city 625 km to southeast of Moscow.] It has become a subject of juicy discussions. Officials cannot decide whether to use a landfill in the village of Chemodanovka or whether to construct the plant.

Khakassia is Losing Coal

Republic of Khakassia, a constituent region of Russia in the south of Siberia, is lobbying for a tax increase for coal mines. At present, the Mineral Extraction Tax (MET) for coal mines is token payment. Meanwhile, the budget of the republic is losing billions of rubles.

Tuva to Welcome Wealthy Foreign Tourists

Republic of Tuva, a remote, biodiverse mountainous Russian region in southern Siberia, populated by traditionally nomadic, yurt-dwelling people of Mongolian ethnicity, might become a destination for discerning and wealthy foreign tourists. In addition to financial reasons, the Tuva authorities view these tourists as keen connoisseurs of local natural splendor and sights. The task was set by Sholban Kara-ool, the regional governor.

Will Baikal-Amur Mainline be the Construction Project of the Century Again?

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin made a working trip to the Siberian Federal District. As a result, increasing the capacity of the two railways, the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) and the Trans-Siberian Railroad (Transsib), was named as one of his priorities.

Spanish Anticorruption Prosecutor to Curb Russian Organized Crime

Spanish National Court of Justice has reopened a criminal case over the alleged involvement of Mikhail Fridman, a Russian business magnate, and his inner circle in the deliberate bankruptcy of Zed Worldwide, a Spanish multiplatform digital entertainment company.

Why the owners of Togliattiazot tried to simulate a terrorist attack

Recently, the media published materials of a criminal case on the imitation of a terrorist group activity at the PJSC Togliattiazot’s chemical plant in 2017. Now we are reporting interesting new details of this truly incredible story.