Tyvan Coal is not Bargaining Chip

The leadership of the Tyva Republic has raised claims against Kaa-Khem, the largest colliery in the region. The industrial companies are now obliged to sell the coal at a practically fixed price which is no more than 2,200 roubles ($30.23) per tonne.

VIM-Airlines Employees Cannot Recover Back Pay for Fourth Year Due to Investigation Committee’s Decisions

The video in which representatives of VIM Airlines’ workforce are warning the company's bankruptcy manager that they are going to start protest actions was published on the Internet. They see no other way to draw the attention of the authorities and the public to their problem.

Research and Industrial Centres to Be Built in Siberia

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu's initiative to build new cities is being discussed in Siberia. It might work out if Kremlin decides to go ahead with the plans to launch major investment projects in the region.

Worst Krasnoyarsk Road is Turning Into High-Quality Highway

The repairs of the Yepishino - North-Yenisei road, located in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory are about to be finished. For many years, this road was considered the most extreme in the area despite the fact that it is badly needed by major industrial enterprises. For example, there are the largest gold mining assets of Polyus [the largest gold producer in Russia and one of the top 10 gold mining companies globally by output.]

Far East to get Closer

The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF,) with around 4,000 participants from 60 countries, was held on Russky Island in Vladivostok from 2 to 4 September. This year it focused on new opportunities for the Far East in a changing world.

Prices Rise in Siberia

Prices for consumer goods and tariffs for services went up by an average of 3.9% in the Tyumen Region compared to December 2020. The national average in Russia is 4.5%.

Will A1 Challenge Altai's Integration Into Russian Empire?

The arrest of Kamchatka police chief Mikhail Kiselev, and Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev’s order to dismiss several police generals in Moscow was certainly not the end of the shake-up of the internal affairs agencies.

Hostile Takeovers From 1990s is Unacceptable, says Hero of Russia

On a tour of the Altai Territory, Vladimir Shamanov, a State Duma deputy and Hero of Russia, was pleasantly surprised as he visited the village of Stepnoye Ozero. It impressed him not only by its high level of development but also by the fact that residents had no big complaints against the local authorities.

Fuel Prices go Higher

Automobile fuel prices continue to grow in Russia. Last week, Krasnoyarsk motorists were once again unpleasantly surprised. Large chains have raised prices on some items at once by several rubles. Experts explain the current increase by the rising cost of oil production.

Soaring Metal Prices Delay Launch of New Aluminum Plant

The launch of the plant which has been under construction for 13 years has been delayed again. RUSAL, the world's second largest aluminium company by primary production output, blames new export duties on metals that have significantly increased the company's costs.

Kuchuksulphate Resisting Hostile Takeover

Kuchuksulphate, a major sodium sulphate producer located in the industrial township of Stepnoye Ozero in Russia’s Altai Territory has been a target of illegal attempts to force its shareholders to sell the company's assets since 2017.

Billions Made From Utilities Escape Investigators

The Prosecutor's Office of the Krasnoyarsk territory has published details of the probe into the missing utility bill payments that are the part of a grand money-withdrawal scheme implemented in many Russian cities.

Workhorse Aircraft Spoiling for a Flight

MAKS 2021, an international air show held for the 15th time at Zhukovsky International Airport 40 km southeast of Moscow, Russia, ended on July 25. Despite the negative factors caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition attracted a significant number of participants.

Courts and Police Turn Blind eye to Truth

The hostile takeover of Moscow’s Krylatskoye golf club, one of the best in Europe, together with the Moscow-based Consortium and Sovengo companies which belong to businessman Vladimir Zhukov is a case story of Russian law enforcement agencies and courts’ involvement in property redivision.

Khakassia Bets on Coal

The Republic of Khakassia urgently adopted a revised version of this year's budget. It is practically deficit-free. However, experts believe that the republic’s authorities are fooling with the numbers again.