Pensions to Decrease in 2022, says Russian Economist

Recently, a lot of heated discussions have arisen around the situation with Russian pensions as it is almost impossible to talk on this topic without emotions.

Media Shed Light on Salaries of Russian State Companies CEOs

Alexey Miller, the Deputy Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Management Committee of Gazprom, Russia's largest energy company and the world's biggest public energy supplier, has become the leader of this rating. Notably, in 2018, he earned 1.9 bln rubles ($25.7 mln.) To put it simply, it is about 158 mln rubles ($2.14 mln) per month, or about 5.2 mln rubles ($70,330) per day.

Ruble Might Fall to 80 per US $ in January, say Experts

Anyway, most experts agree that in the first half of January, there were no risks for the ruble as economic activity remained low due to the New Year public holidays in Russia.

Authorities Again Tighten Control Over People’s Money

At the same time, discussions of property belonging to officials and civil servants might be simply forbidden. A corresponding bill was actively discussed in the State Duma at the end of 2020.

Why St. Petersburg Businessman is Interested in Ozon?

Sergei Girdin, a real estate developer from St. Petersburg, has become a defender of the world against Ebola and a partner of Ozon, a new Russian Internet trading website on the U.S. stock market. He is the only surviving beneficiary of the Moldovan laundromat, a scheme used to move money out of Russia from 2010 to 2014 through a network of global banks. Many of them were located in Moldova and Latvia.

Déjà vu of Russian Aviation

Recently, the Russian media outlets have again become interested in the new domestic commercial aircraft. Namely, the IL-114-300 turboprop and the MS-21-310 jet with Russian PD-14 engines.

Why Fintech Bank Collapsed and Umar Kremlin-Lutfulloev is Lobbing Bookmakers

Central Bank of Russia is about to round up “clearing” the financial field from a large number of small banks that are instrumental in bypassing the ban on online casinos. Fintech Bank was the first victim of the effort. In doing so, a platform for a new regulator is being prepared on the market.

Forgiving of Russians’ Overdue Utility Bills Predicted for 2024

Recently, experts have increasingly been talking about a sharp drop in the Russians’ incomes. Previously, the decline in living standards in Russia was explained solely by the lack of attention from the federal center to the internal socio-economic policy, depressing economic factors and other issues.

Daur Dzhenia Heading for “Horrible end”

The life of the former Rosgosstrakh insurance company’s top manager Daur Dzhenia has shone in new splendor -- a criminal case against him has been opened under Article 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation gross damage resulting from abuse of office). He has been put on the wanted list in connection with evading contact with investigative authorities.

RNG to Take new Start from Field n.a. its Former CEO

New jobs, budget revenues and social development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia,) a vast constituent region of Russia in northeastern Siberia, are expected to come from a promising gas condensate field discovered with the participation of the RNG group of companies as the exploration operator in the Lensk district of the republic.

Rospotrebnadzor Does not see Russian Oligarch Behind Stove

Anna Popova, the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation, said that gas infrastructure development should be implemented as soon as possible in Krasnoyarsk. In her address to the Federation Council she underlines that smog inflicts huge damage on the health of the residents of this heavily industrialized Siberian city.

Who and why Hunts for Illegal Casino Net Owner

It has long been rumored that the core business of Alexander Mironov is about to be shut down. He is the founder of several gambling nets with the most famous one named Rosbet and financial institutions. He also owns an array of real estate assets. Seemingly, someone is trying to put him behind bars and to split up his properties.

It is as Easy as Pie to Build Castles in the Sky

According to the Accounts Chamber, there are about 200,000 defrauded homebuyers in Russia who invested money in more than 3,000 objects in 76 regions. The Fund for the Protection of Defrauded Homebuyers’ Rights, in turn, reported that according to estimates for January 1, 2020, the completion of problem houses required 686 bln rubles ($9 bln.)

Environmental Neglect has no Place in Future Society, Claims Expert

In our daily routine, we rarely think about such global things as our planet, even though the health of all humanity depends on its condition. The largest enterprises making huge one-way profits deplete the Earth’s resources and cause environmental disasters. But this is not the first time when humanity has been deceived.

False Bottom of ESN Group Owner

Since the beginning of November, the core businesses of Grigory Berezkin's ESN Group such as Rusenergosbyt, a supplier to the Russian Railways (RZD) state railway corporation, Rusenergoresurs, a supplier of electricity to the Transneft oil pipeline operator, and Energosbytholding are making economy on supplies to more than a third of the Russian energy market.