Economic Trap

Economic Trap


Russia was sued for $290 billion for imposing counter-sanctions. The WTO trap was sprung. Recently, there have been more and more calls to thank the U.S. for supplies under the lend-lease. Indeed, there is a lot to be thankful for but the Americans got their share of the cake.

It turned out that it is much more profitable to fight with egg powder and canned meat than with soldiers. At the same time, the supplies helped the U.S. economy grow. The notorious Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe also contributed a lot to its prosperity. Europe should be grateful to the United States until the end of the age like we should be grateful for the lend-lease.

Economic development is impossible without a strong currency. It became the cornerstone of the monetization of victory and the creation of a new world economic order. The U.S. dictated an ultimatum treaty to its 44 allied countries a year before the end of World War II, and they had to accept. Thus, the dollar became the standard for setting rates of other currencies and means of international payments. Moreover, an unreasonably expensive one. When other states tried to change the dollar for gold after a quarter of the century, the U.S. simply detached its value from the precious metal. The rest had no way out as the U.S. dollar had already become the means of payment in world trade, supported by institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. As a result, this currency continued to be unreasonably expensive, just as it had been in the years when it was pegged to gold. The Big Mac Index and other measurement models prove this.

One ruble in – one dollar out

Later, the dollar became a tasty morsel for the former Soviet republics. It was willingly accepted everywhere. But if one tried to pay with Georgian lari or Azerbaijani manat in Ryazan, who would even accept them? Although these currencies are much more secured with real goods and services. The USA easily finances military adventures, distributes “helicopter money” and helps the proxy regimes with its unsupported currency. That is why the establishment in Washington is extremely nervous of attempts by other countries to conduct settlements without dollars and not to keep government reserves in them.

The World Trade Organization was another pillar of the new world economic order after World War II. At first, like in the story with the dollar, the idea looked very attractive. No barriers, equality, trust, and partnership based on international guarantees. In the end, it was the same U.S. that is in control of the financial world system.

The Arabs supply oil, the Chinese produce goods for pennies on the dollar, and the USA might transition to a post-industrial economy and live off inventing new financial services and developing future technologies. When the Arab countries hiked oil prices in 1973, America brought them down to nearly unprofitable levels. When China, instead of producing iPhones, designed in the U.S., for a penny profit, began to produce its phones just as good but much cheaper, Beijing immediately became the enemy. Ignoring all the principles of the WTO, Beijing began to shut the door by force, forbidding its puppet allies to cooperate with it. For example, Israel was told in recent negotiations that it was necessary to obtain permission from the U.S. for all major transactions with China.

Of course, Russia was dragged into the WTO by all means. They even set up propaganda centers in the regions (interestingly, whose money is being used?) the main purpose of which was to explain what a blessing it would be to join this club of civilized nations and how prosperous the country would become. Nobody says that Russia would be there like an unloved guest and forced to carry out the commands of its masters. We learned about this only now, when it turned out that they can declare sanctions against us, but we cannot do it in return. Moreover, the claims were not made immediately after the announcement of the counter-sanctions, but they waited until the “damage” reached fantastic proportions. At the same time, they also imposed an environmental tax on Europe's energy resources. In other words, they have gracefully ignored the same WTO rules.

We make a mess – you clean it up

Anatoly Chubais, Russia's special envoy for relations with international organizations, calls the definition of energy transition goals in a recognized international form the main achievement of last year. Allegedly, we've been included in the élite again. If you don't have “a raspberry jacket,” you won't be recognized as a businessman. The “great reformer” cites the book by Bill Gates, who compares giving up the energy transition with giving up the Internet. Let's leave aside Chubais' reforms, as a result of which it would be more correct to call him a representative of international organizations in Russia. Let's remember how he previously tried to follow Bill Gates' example in the production of smartphones and how it all ended. The Rusnano “silicon valley”, which he headed, was saved from bankruptcy only due to a huge infusion of state funds. After all this, Chubais is starting a new project again.

Isn't it time for us to start being guided by the interests of our country instead of following the commands of our Western “handlers”? Especially since they do not lure us into another mousetrap but simply drive us with a stick in the form of the same energy tax. According to the conception of the West, the owners of fossil fuels who have become too well off dared to speak out about the existing world economic order. Therefore, we must deprive them of this opportunity under the guise that fossil fuels, allegedly, lead to global warming and the destruction of the planet. Although not all scientists agree with this, instead of continuing the scientific discussion the idea of warming has been peddled. Environmental parties and NGOs are being created. Greta Tunberg, a teenager, is given the world's main tribunes. They say children and fools speak the truth. At the same time, the more likely and undeniable danger of nuclear annihilation of mankind is lost in the PR of a dubious climate catastrophe.

Let us even assume that its inevitability is irrefutably proven. Who is to blame? The same Western countries have exploited nature as predators. They have cut down all their forests and depleted their fossils. The facades of houses in London are still black from the smog of the industrial revolution while the Russian taiga is the lungs of the entire planet. So, the West polluted the planet, and Russia will have to clean it up as Baltic and Ukrainian migrant workers clean our toilets.

To dispossess “golden billion”

The “golden billion” continue to pollute nature. The American family consumes and, therefore, pollutes more than an African village or an Indian slum neighborhood. We are intimidated that we will be able to afford one pair of jeans, two showers, and 30 grams of cheese a week in 2050. So, why should we become so ascetic? Let's penalize overconsumption today and tax, not energy, but private jets and yachts, palaces, and other excesses. Why don't we become pioneers? We copycat and start subsidizing the purchase of electric cars with government money, taking it away from the poor. What would it cost to have a network of electric gas stations on our vast land?

It is necessary to take care of nature in any case. You make a show of feelings and say that we will complete the transition before others by 10 years but in a way that is beneficial to us, not by throwing money away on imported toys. We are leaders in nuclear power. So, let us develop it as the cleanest. We can produce hydrogen from natural gas and pump it through the pipes. The gas itself is one of the cleanest sources of energy then why is it taxable? Look at the list of the worst natural disasters of the last year. Russia did not appear on the list, either in terms of material or human losses.

Yes, forests were burning in Russia but they were burning in the 1970s, too, when the scientific world was proclaiming a global fall in temperature. In the long run and a worst-case scenario, we would not face the death of megacities underwater and hundreds of millions of environmental refugees. On the contrary, we will be able to accommodate them in lands that have become fertile. So, let’s stop listening to the suddenly “green-faced” Chubais and get into yet another trap. We need to get out of the old ones.

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