Dirty Bomb in Ukraine is World-Shaking Sensation

The threat of the so called dirty bomb by Kiev has become the most discussed issue for the world media and top-tier politicians at Russia's instigation. The Kremlin effectively applied the typical American technique of ‘first to accuse is first to be right.’

Crimea Overfilled with Garbage

Only one of 12 garbage dumps in Crimea has an official license. According to experts, if a full cycle from collection to recycling is not implemented on the peninsula in the short term, Crimea will be clogged with garbage.

Lake Baikal Area Under Sway of Illegal Loggers

Federal Agency for Forestry Affairs (Rosleskhoz) officially stated: the vast majority of cases of forest theft happened in the Irkutsk region located in southeastern Siberia in the basins of the Angara, Lena, and Nizhnyaya Tunguska rivers. In the last two years, the damage from the theft of logged timber there reached almost 40 billion rubles ($ 610,664,000.)

Investments to Go Green

The so-called “green investment” is taking off in the world: investing in stocks and economic sectors related to environmental, climate and social projects. However, the efficiency of such investments remains low. They are taking rather only as image-building ones and nothing more.

Russia Turning Into Dumping Site

It was expected that the reform of the garbage recycling system in Russia would as a minimum resolve the bulk of garbage utilization problems. But the on the power of tradition, “prompt” work of bureaucracy and economic reality cast overwhelming doubts over its implementation. Experts of the Accounting Chamber believe this country will not have space anymore for dumping garbage in a mere six years’ time.

The Black Skies over Russia's Regions

"Black sky mode" – this expression can often be heard in Russia’s major industrial cities. Usually it is set in frosty windless weather in winter. Sometimes during heatwaves in the summer. The Hydrometeorological Center has a special term for it -- "adverse weather conditions."

Stevedores Are to Pay for Dust

Finally, it happened: from now on, coal dust is considered a pollutant. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has signed a decree on state regulation that provides for the introduction of fees for the emission of coal dust into the atmosphere.

Stavropol Territory Facing Radioactive Future

Stavropol territory is under threat of radioactive contamination. The Khiminvest LLC nitrocellulose plant associated with the dollar millionaire Albert Avdolyan and notorious Igor Yuzefovich might become a time bomb. The town of Lermontov in the Stavropol territory will be the first to take a hit.

RUSAL Goads Environmentalists into Fight

A discussion of environmental protection plans caused a huge scandal at the RUSAL Krasnoyarsk aluminum producer. The hearings have shown that the ethics of such events are still extremely low in Russia.

Kirov half-life

All of a sudden, everybody has started talking about "local Chernobyls". And Russia abounds in places of this kind. Soon the Kirov region may become one of them. The situation with radioactive waste (RW) there is actually stalemate.