Druzhba oil Depot in Bryansk Catches on Fire

Druzhba oil Depot in Bryansk Catches on Fire

Photo: https://www.interfax.ru

According to media reports, tanks with oil products in the Fokinsky district of Bryansk on the territory of the Transneft Bryansk – Druzhba oil depot started to burn at 02:00 on Monday.

Information about the fire was received by the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Bryansk region, where the facts of the fire were registered. According to the press service of the department, fire and rescue teams were sent to the place of emergency “according to the higher rank of the fire.” Upon arrival, it was found that “there was combustion” on the territory of the oil depot, the Ministry of Emergency Situations said.

According to locals, before the fire started they heard several powerful bangs, and the glow from the fire and huge black columns of smoke can now be seen from various points in the city.

On April 1, around 06:00, two AFU helicopters crossed the state border of the Russian Federation at a low altitude, after which they launched a missile attack on an oil depot in Belgorod. The flames also engulfed the fuel tanks. The emergency signal was received by the control panel of MES of Russia in Belgorod region at 05:51.

The fire at the oil depot was reported by the Governor of Belgorod Region, Vyacheslav Gladkov. According to him, residents of the neighboring streets were temporarily moved to a safe location. The EMERCOM in the Belgorod region reported at the time about two injured employees of the oil depot.

As for today's emergency, as of 09:00 it was known that the fire at the Transneft Bryansk - Druzhba oil depot, located at 91 Moskovsky Avenue in Bryansk, at an area of 1,500 square meters had already been localized. Two oil product storage facilities are currently on fire there, including a tank with diesel fuel on the territory of the oil complex on Snezhetskiy Val.

The production facilities of this oil refinery are located in 11 Russian regions. By the way, the company operates the Druzhba pipeline built back in the Soviet Union, through which oil flows to Europe.

Transneft-Druzhba is a subsidiary of Transneft, which has a tank farm of 3.1 million cubic meters. Transneft operates 15 oil product pumping stations and 20 oil pumping stations, 3,500 km of oil pipelines and 3,900 km of oil product pipelines.

The cause of the fire at the oil depot in Bryansk has not yet been named.

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