Doctor Points Out 5 Most Likely Places to Catch COVID-19

Doctor Points Out 5 Most Likely Places to Catch COVID-19


Although the regime of self-isolation introduced earlier presupposes limiting the list of places that the residents are allowed to visit, even these places may be of a certain risk in terms of COVID-19.

Vladimir Zaitsev, Russian otolaryngologist and Candidate of Medical Sciences, has made up a rating of five potentially dangerous places.

Pharmacies took the first place in it. According to Zaitsev, they are most often visited by people who are sick and who may be infected. At the same time, the premises of pharmacies are usually quite small, and the fact makes it rather difficult to keep a distance there. The second place in the ranking went to stores as there are traditionally large numbers of people there.

When visiting these places, Zaitsev recommends choosing products that are already packaged and have an extended shelf life. This will help minimize the number of visits to supermarkets.

Gas stations are at the third position, as a driver has to touch a fuel nozzle there that previously was in the hands of many other people.

Additionally, Zaitsev mentions walks with pets among the potentially dangerous places to catch the coronavirus. He believes that animals might pick up different viruses and bring them home on their paws. This is why it is better to wash your dog’s or cat's paws immediately after walking.

Finally, in Zaitsev’s opinion, as the virus might remain on the surfaces for some time, the removal of garbage is of a certain risk, too.

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