Denazification of Ukraine is Requiring Change in Political Regime, Says Expert

Denazification of Ukraine is Requiring Change in Political Regime, Says Expert


Anton Bredikhin, Doctor of Historical Sciences and academic director of the Center for Ethnic and International Studies, explained the main goals of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

The Russian Armed Forces have launched a military operation to denazify Ukraine as Nazi ideology is deeply engrained in the Ukrainian government. The Russian army is advancing in the southern, northeastern, and northern directions, besieging major cities. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to shell the settlements of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR.)

The fight against Nazi ideology is not limited to military action, Bredikhin told the Internet Research Agency. The complexity of denazification process lies in the need for a change in Ukraine's political regime.

“The issue is more profound. It is necessary to reshuffle the government, and then to change the educational system and the cultural sector which largely promote the anti-Russian way of life and of which the Russian language is being forced out. Therefore, of course, the operation is more large-scale and involves more segments than just the military. I believe that after the military part is completed there will be the switch to political part and then to other ideological components of society,” he said.

The Ukrainian people need Russia’s help in building a new political model, the expert said in conclusion.

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