Daur Dzhenia Heading for “Horrible end”

Daur Dzhenia Heading for “Horrible end”

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The life of the former Rosgosstrakh insurance company’s top manager Daur Dzhenia has shone in new splendor -- a criminal case against him has been opened under Article 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation gross damage resulting from abuse of office). He has been put on the wanted list in connection with evading contact with investigative authorities.

Such a turn in Dzhenia's life was in fact predetermined in August this year when the Moscow Arbitration Court ruled against him on compensation for the damage of 1.81 bln rubles he inflicted on Rosgosstrakh in 2018. Dzhenia, who held the position of Director General of CJSC Capital Re then, removed by his sole decision Medsis LLC, a large medical company serving clients, including within the framework of the compulsory medical insurance program, from the Rosgosstrakh group. As a result, 13 policlinics, 159 health centers, 3 spa hotels and nearly 1,500 doctors fell out of the Rosgosstrakh network while the insurance group itself lost 170,000 customers who had regularly paid for medical services.

It is clear that Dzhenia is not an Ostap Bender, the charismatic swindler protagonist of the early Soviet satire novels The Twelver Chairs and The Little Golden Calf. As the Director General of a subsidiary of Rosgosstrakh, he was guided by the instructions of the former owners of the insurance group, the Khachaturov brothers. Two weeks after the illegal decision on the actual alienation of Medsis from Rosgosstrakh, the insurance group itself came under the control and reorganization by the regulator – the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Knowing about the inevitable, the Khachaturovs then apparently went all out and authorized Dzhenia, in fact, to snatch the medical filial company out of the assets of Rosgosstrakh. Later, Russian law enforcement agencies, represented by the Federal Security Service, the Investigative Committee and the Main Investigative Directorate of the Interior Ministry were able to track down one of the Khachaturov brothers, Sergei, placing him in custody in connection with the investigation of numerous large thefts in Rosgosstrakh. The other brother, Daniil, remains at large and, apparently, is struggling to keep one of his top managers, Daur Dzhenia, free.

Life will certainly show how successful this "struggle" will be. Its next milestone stage is scheduled for the next Monday, December the 14th, when the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal will consider Dzhenia's complaint against the decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court to recover 1.1 million roubles from him. It will be very strange if the decision is revised. However, we know that "the pitcher goes often to the well, but is broken at last." In general, it is high time the Khachaturovs and the top manager Daur Dzhenia, whom they cover up, accepted the bitter truth: a horrible end is better than an endless horror.

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