COVID-19 Opens Pandora's box of State Capabilities, Says Russian Billionaire Businessman

COVID-19 Opens Pandora's box of State Capabilities, Says Russian Billionaire Businessman


Commenting on the martial law recently introduced in Beijing due to the COVID-19 outbreak (49 new cases), the Russian billionaire businessman Igor Rybakov said that the virus had opened “Pandora's box.” According to him, thanks to the virus the governments got an opportunity to impose various restrictions, the martial law or a state of emergency of its own free will.

Businessman Igor Rybakov made a statement on it on his YouTube channel. He commented on the martial law imposed recently in Beijing due to an outbreak of the novel coronavirus. A total of 49 new cases were registered there.

“It has started,” said Rybakov. “COVID-19 actually opened Pandora's box. Today, it is very easy to arrest people and to impose martial law or a state of emergency.

“Now it is enough to say: “It's happened. The coronavirus infection has come to us again.” And then, troops immediately arrive at the scene, start arresting people, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, the world is rapidly moving towards the fact that the one who has the weapons, the army and the power is invariably right.

“China’s example shows us that when someone says “an outbreak has been detected,” the authorities immediately impose martial law. In other words, they have not even confirmed this information yet, but the state of emergency has already been imposed.

“The second wave of the coronavirus infection might start in Russia not in the fall, but in the summer. But what if this prevents us from voting on amendments to the Constitution? There is a large-scale preparation for it now. Look at the posters that have been put up everywhere.”

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