Cooperation With Turkey is Expanding but Vice Versa With Kazakhstan

Cooperation With Turkey is Expanding but Vice Versa With Kazakhstan


A sea terminal will be opened soon in Novorossiysk to receive large sea ferries from Turkey, each of which will be able to carry up to 100 cargo trucks per voyage, as reported by the media.

The Novorossiysk hub transport-expediting enterprise (NHTEE) is able to prepare about 100 truck trains to move goods from the ferries at the 39 A berth.

The company started the preparation for receiving ferries first of all due to the high growth of Turkish exports to our country in 2022. In July of this year alone, exports from Turkey totaled $731 million, 75% more than in July 2021, said the explanatory note of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to the forthcoming draft government decree. It should be noted that the implementation of this project should increase the capacity of Russia's southern port.

The high throughput capacity on the route Turkey - Russia will be in demand as shippers and consignees, and equally. It is in the conditions of sanctions that maritime communication between the ports is one of the most promising.

At the meeting with First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov on September 8, the ‘road map’ for the organization of a regular ferry service was discussed. It will connect Novorossiysk with Turkey. This document is still being finalized.

According to a source in a major Russian transport company, Turkey has become “the main country” for Russia in the Azov-Black Sea basin, and Moscow and Ankara continue to maintain “normal trade and logistics relations.”

It should be noted that logistics relations with Kazakhstan look somewhat different at the moment. Thus, the day before, eight Russian trucks with European goods were detained there, and absolutely unreasonable demands were made to the carriers. Moreover, at the moment, it is impossible to name the exact number of truckers stuck in Kazakhstan, and it is quite possible that there are many more. Some of them are in the parking lots specially allocated for the violators, while others are standing right on the roads or in the customs terminals. The drivers have their documents confiscated, so there is no way for them to return to Russia. For each case of detention they are offered to pay about €3,000 fine.

The Association of International Road Carriers currently recommends that Russian companies refrain from shipping to Kazakhstan until the dispute is resolved. We hope that the authorities of our countries will soon be able to clear up this unfortunate misunderstanding.

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