Consequences of Floods in Sochi to be Eliminated

Consequences of Floods in Sochi to be Eliminated


Last weekend a state of emergency was introduced due to bad weather in Sochi. The city was hit by rain, gale force winds and thunderstorms. A heavy downpour caused flooding, and powerful torrents of water began to wash away everything in their path.

There was 55 mm of precipitation in an hour. It led to the outflow of the Bzuga River, after which, in fact, the natural disaster began. The water damaged and took away a huge number of cars, crushed the retaining wall, and the ground began to slide down the streets, i.e. residents of some districts of the resort city witnessed such a terrible phenomenon as a mudflow.

Meanwhile, water broke traffic lights, fences and poles, washed away buildings, crushed roads. The residents and guests of the resort town, who were on public transport during the flood, were especially unlucky. Car traffic in the city center was completely paralyzed, and Donskaya Street was one of the most flooded.

There were casualties on this terrible night. In the evening of July 23, a woman passed by near the intersection of Donskaya and Pasechnaya Streets. Streams of water were literally pouring down from the sky, and one of the parked cars was washed away and began to move uncontrollably. The poor woman was sandwiched between the car and the roadblock. Her death was almost instantaneous.

Many city residents were left without electricity at night because of the flooding of the power plant, so not only their homes, but also the city's social facilities had to be powered from generators. Household areas and the first and basement floors of buildings in the Khostinsky and Central districts of Sochi were flooded. Heavy rains in the evening of July 22 flooded two low-lying sections of the Dzhubga-Sochi highway, as well as several houses.

At present, the Black Sea coast is still under a storm warning. The weather is still far from ideal, and, according to forecasters, there may be a new wave of elements. The city beaches are still closed for swimming for this reason.

“The situation is very serious,” said the mayor of Sochi Alexei Kopaygorodsky. “The Central District was affected most of all. In the modern history of Sochi there has never been an incident of such scale in this part of the city. Unfortunately, there is a dead woman.”

According to Kopaygorodsky, there could have been “many more victims,” but a few dozens of people, including 10 children, were “rescued from the torrents of water,” which swept away everything in their path.

In the meantime, the liquidation of the consequences of the disaster continues, debris is being removed, fallen trees are being transported. Damaged cars are transported to special parking lots. On the spot reports on road accidents have already been drawn up and later insurance companies will reimburse the damage if possible. Many of these cars belong not only to locals, but also to tourists.

The power supply is gradually being restored in the city, and traffic on the streets is generally running normally. To eliminate the damage was thrown 400 units of equipment and more than 1,000 specialists from the relevant services. Representatives of the resort city administration are making a tour of the courtyards of the area affected by the flooding, where together with the victims of the documents are being prepared to justify the possible compensation. As the locals say, “the weather sneezed.”

As for the weather forecast for the week that has already begun, the day before the leading employee of the Phobos meteorological center Evgeny Tishkovets said that there will be a “comfortable coolness” in Central Russia after the heat. According to him, such a change in the weather is due to an atmospheric front, accompanied by a ridge of thunderstorm clouds. The weather forecaster noted that on Monday, July 25, the temperature is expected to reach +28 degrees and such hot weather will “hold out until Thursday.”

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